Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekends Were Made For Fun & 5 Question Friday


1. Name some of your bad habits?
Hmmm... My bad habits I would have to say are biting my nails(not so much anymore), I pick scabs(yes, i know its gross), I leave things out all over my room after I try things on. My bf has a few others. I really didn't notice these things until my bf pointed them out but in his eyes my bad habits are I play with my nails too much, I chew popcorn loud & I smack my gum loud too.haha.

2.Would you consider yourself a pushover?
I used to be a big big pushover.. My friend used to always tell me that I needed to stick up for myself more. I eventually did and it felt great. I used to be considered the really "nice" one meaning the one that they could step all over, but not anymore..haha. I'm still nice but you mess with me WATCH OUT!!! :)

3. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
I still feel to be 100% during the day I need 8 hours. I go on 6,7 sometimes but I don't feel great.

4. Are you a news, politics or celebrity gossip junkie?
Politics not so much. I know I should know more but it bores me a lot of the time. I love watching the news and I am a huge, huge celebrity freak. Its really bad. Anytime we play games with the family that involve celebrities I know almost all the answers.

5. What is your favorite "cocktail"? (Are you a beer person, a kiddie cocktail junkie, or perhaps your more the "Cosmo" kind?! Anything flies...doesn't hafta be alcoholic.
I like to switch it up. I love me a Corona w lime & salt most of the time. I love me a nice Margarita, glass of Pinot, Mojito, or anything fruity:)

Last night J went with me to go buy my gf a baby shower gift. We went to Babies R us. I didn't know what to get there was sooo much cute stuff. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING!! Let me tell you when I see this stuff I get soooo excited to have a lil one. I cant wait to dress him/her up its just going to be so much fun. I hope it happens sooner than later cause I'm getting

This weekend we have my best friends coed baby shower.Never been to a coed baby shower but sounds fun:) Sunday we hope to go to church, its been a few weeks and I feel like I need to get my Jesus on because I always feel better after I do. Hope all of you have a fab weekend and I cant wait to hear about it:)

                                              A few pics I took last night...

My cutie and I:)

HAppy Weekend!!!


  1. lol your so funny..needing to get your jesus on! thanks for coming to my baby shower!!

  2. You're welcome.. We had alot of fun:)