Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Hi Guys!!! Ive been such an awful blogger lately but thought Id do a post to catch you up on my life.  2011 was such an amazing year full of so many great things that happened and I cant explain just how excited and HAPPY i am for 2012.

2011 brought me a job, new car, promotion, and an engagement!!! I have been so incredibly blessed and I thank God every single day. I sometimes wonder why?? Why are so many good things happening to rm and the people around me but God is GREAT God and he loves me!!

I'm Getting Married!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still cant believe it when I talk about it but its slowly becoming more real and in less than 5 months I will become Jennifer Smallwood:)  Wedding planning has actually been real fun. I was worried I was going to get more stressed out and I haven't totally become a Bridezilla yet;) We've managed to get our ceremony site, reception, DJ, photographer, my dress, wedding planner, already and this week we have 4 different appointments for more wedding stuff.. Like I said BUSY BUSY... Going with my bridesmaids tomorrow to look at dresses, meeting w our wedding planner to discuss flowers, fri we do our engagement pics, and sat we go food tasting!!  All fun stuff:) I'm lucky to have my mama and Justin who have been helping me out so much too! Justin graduated so now he has either 3 days off a week or 4. Lucky! So with his schedule he has more time to help me.. Were also going to start looking at houses in the next few weeks and I'm soo happy:) I feel like im dreaming!! Soooo here's to a fabulous, blessed 2012 and I hope the best for all of you too!!! :)

Heres some pics from the past couple months!!! :)


My new car:)

Christmas party with friends

Mission Inn

My handsome man

New years weekend in Laughlin

Beer pong Champs!! :)

Love love love him!!!

Me and My Kayla:)


J and his buddys

J dancing!!! Were a good time:)