Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Have no idea what Im doing yet.. :)

So... this is my first blog. Not sure If ill continue but Im giving it a go to see how I like it:) I enjoy reading alot of my friends blogs & their friends blogs & so on so I decided to check it out. So ill be figuring out what to do and hopefully my next post will be alot more entertaining.. Tonight im excited because I get to eat some sushi.. Hope all of you have a great day.. Happy Tuesday to you all!! :)

My fave from RA..Yummmmm!!! Las Vegas Rolls


  1. Hi Jenn welcome to blogosphere...it's really so fun I think you'll like it...& I look forward to your posts :)

    I didn't know you lived in Chino I thought you lived in Corona. My boyfriend grew up in Chino. Good shopping out there tho huh?!

    Hope you enjoyed your sushi

  2. yayyyy my 1st comment!! haha..Ya I live in Chino Hills:) Love the shoppin by thats about it:) I hate the traffic going to Corona and thats where im at alot of the time and that damn traffic is annoyig sometimes:( Thanks for the comment!!

  3. Vegas rolls = heaven. RA is on my top 10 list of things I miss about california. Uh-oh... could that be the topic of my next post??? LOL

  4. Theyre delicious.. i think that sounds like a great next post:)

  5. ewwwww!! I can't do sushi! Never tried it, never will lol! But you enjoy!

    Welcome to blogland!

  6. haha..I used to not eat sushi at all until I met Justin.. Ive tried new things and now I know what I like.. Alot of it I dont like at all..ewww