Friday, November 4, 2011

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week!!! :)

1. On Saturday I took Justin to the Lake Elsinore Outlets to spoil him for his Bday. I got him soo much and for such good prices too..Score!!! I hadn't been there in years, and forgot about the great stores they have there for Men.. Managed to spoil myself a bit too!! Love my new Wallet & Purse:)
    My new GUESS Wallet and only $20:)
    My new GUESS tote..Love it!! :)
2. Justin finishing his last hard week. Got a call at 1 A.M. this mornng when he got home from his night problems and he let me know he passed everything!! So hes basically all done.. Soooooo Happy!!!

3. My Caramel delight snacks. I'm in love with these yummy things.

4. Getting fitted for my whitening trays( get them next week) at the dentist- Need me some sparkly white teeth for the engagement, weddings pics. It had to be Even though I was really there to make an appointment to get my wisdom teeth out.. OUCH!! :(

5.Looking at houses

6. Weather is slowly starting to change so I needed some black boots. I have some but they are way to high to wear sometimes and I cant be wearing over the knee boots to work so I got these:)

7. Church- We've managed to keep our weekly routine going and it feels good.

8. My Friends- I love them!! I made a new cool gal friend too a work and because of her my days go by so fast.

9. Waking up this morning to the rain and knowing I had nowhere to be:) Just did laundry and sat around cuddling with my doggy all day and watching my fave TV Show:)

10. Weekend is here!!! Cant wait to see my boo boo in a couple hours. 4 days without him this week! Longest its been in a long time.. I miss him so:)

Hope you all  have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloweenie & The Countdown Begins!!!

Just wanted to share our Halloween costumes from this past weekend!! J and I had an absolute blast dressing up this year. Hope you all had a great Halloween!


 As some of you may know my fiance Justin is in the Deputy Sheriffs academy. The academy is 6 months long and Im very happy to finally say that he has exactly 1 more to go! He gradutaes December 1st.  This week is a very crucial week int he academy and I wont be seeing him till Friday because he has night problems all week..Booo!!:( He wont be getting home till midnight for the next 3 days. So as soon as this week is over it will be smooth sailing he says. Please, Please say a lil prayer for him because I know he needs them immensely. Ill be counting down the days till my baby finally graduates and then the next chapter of both our lives will begin.

As soon as he graduates we will be on a mission to buy our 1st home!! yayyyy:) We've been driving around Corona the past few weekends, looking at houses, getting flyer's and O My GOD I get soo excited! We are hoping to buy and J be able to move in a couple months before we get married in June. I wont be moving in till after we tie the not..Kinda bummed bout that but I know it will make both our parents happy If we wait to live together till then. Plus Ive always imagined it like that. Get married, then leave the parentals casa. Thinking about it makes me very excited and super sad at the same time. Yes I'm 28 and still live with my parents (LOSER) but if I had a chance to do it this way again I would. Many Hispanic families are still like that today. You leave till you get married. My Mom and Dad both wanted me to stay till that day and that's what I'm going to do. Its going to be hard leaving them but Its time for me to become a grown up Plus we both don't want to be too far away form our families so were trying to stay very close. :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!!