Sunday, January 23, 2011


Dont really care for the pic but o well:)
On Friday J came to get me and we headed to watch a movie. We watched "The Dilemma" with Vince Vaughn & Kevin James. I loved it. J said he didnt care for it so much and he would just recommend to see it red box. Oh well we have our different opinions about all some things. haha jk I thought it was very funny & I loved loved Channing Tatum in it. I never used to think he was very cute until I saw "Dear John" but man o man he looks 2xs hotter in this movie:).. After the movie we just went back to his house and watched some tv.. I couldnt sleep for most of the night, not sure what was wrong but I know one reason was Justins snoring.. He snored a lot of the night which is weird because he usually never does. I wanted to roll him over and I kept coughing loud on purpose so he could wake up and stop but that boy was

Hiding fromt he

My cutie:)

I love ketchup.. Can never have enough:)

On Saturday morning J & I went to Dennys for breakfast. I told myself I wasnt going to eat bad but the french toast were calling out to me.:) So worth it!! Ill just workout out a lil more this week. After I was dropped off I got ready because my mom told me and my sis that she wanted to take us shopping:) Told ya I have the nicest mommy:) I got a few things from forever 21 and I got some skinny grey jeans that i love love:) They fit so nice and are some comfy. After that we walked around the Chino Hills Shoppes a bit and then came home. The rest of the day I just relaxed and I rented Eclipse. So far my favorite from all of the saga.. I loved it!! I had a movie night with my self because J had to work ( I hate when he works Weekends)

My purchases at Forever 21:)

Me & my sis

My date for Sat but he passed out early..hehe:)

Sunday was a pretty chill day.. I worked out, cleaned & organized my room and then hung out with my mom and watched Tv. Tonight I have some shows to watch Bridalplasty, Kim & Kourtney take New York & Basketball Wives. Hope all of you had a graet weekend:)

As you can see I had a lot to

When rushing I leave everything out then I have more stuff to clean later.. Need to work on that.

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend! I leave everything out when I'm rushing too!

    A shopping trip sounds amazing. I'm dying for some new clothes soon!

  2. I need to get my butt to the movies...i havent been in soooo long. I want to see Little Fokers.
    Glad you had a good weekend....I feel ya on the BF working weekends, its sucks...but at least his makin that $$$$.

  3. @Katherine- I wanna see Little Fockers too. Ive gotten some mixed thoughts of that movie from people so I thnk Im gonna wait to rent it when it comes out:)

  4. Denny's has the BEST breakfast, we went last weekend & you'd have thought I've never eaten before. lol

    Sounds like a fun weekend looks like some cute buys at F21...I hate when D works weekends too! :(

  5. @ Erika- i love the breakfast at Dennys.All that grub for $6 :)

  6. Oh how I want to shop!!!! My sister is having a garage sale this weekend so I donated of a ton of my closet.. some with tags still attached!! I know I shouldn't shop, but now I feel like my closet is empty.. lol.. Cute pickings tho. I like ur style!!!! lol :) DANG!!!

  7. Eclipse is my favorite out of all them too! After I have this baby we should have a girls night out when Justin is working!