Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Good News:)

So my job search has come to an end AGAIN.. hehe:) I  got a job at a day spa right next to my  house. It takes me less than 5 min to get there! Its not exactly what I wanted but I'm going to see how it is and if its for me. The manager said he wanted to bring me in to be his Assistant/Front office. He explained to me that's hes trying to expand and organize his payroll, inventory etc. So that's where he wants me to come in and help. I'm just very grateful something came up. Its not the pay that I was hoping for but any kind of $ coming in has to do for now. Oh.. and ill be working some weekends so Jenn is not very happy about that..lol Slowly but surely things are coming together and I feel very thankful right now.

The only thing that isn't so great for me right now is my living situation. I love, love my parents but man we've been fighting alot lately. I just get really aggravated having to explain myself for every single aspect of my life. I'm 27 years old! I know I still live at home and they have certain rights to ask me about some things but other things I feel like its none of their business. I prob sound real mean right now but that's just how I feel sometimes.  Plus we just got in a fight so I'm just venting a litlle bit. . Some days are great and others not so much. Everything else is peachy. J and I are better than ever and I'm just excited for him to get this academy going so we can get it going with the wedding plans already.. he he:)We still talk about it all the time but I know he wants to be set with his work situation:)

So just an update of my life. This past weekend I didnt take any pics.. I had a date night with J Friday and a slumber party Sat at my house with a girlfriend then brunch with girlfriends Sunday. Pretty much my weekend. Hope you all had a great weekend too.

Date night Friday:)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fabulous News!!!

Justin got the official word yesterday that he was cleared and he will start the Deputy Sheriff Academy on June 13th!!! We prayed and prayed and I guess this is Gods will and we are very happy:) He was hoping that he wouldnt start till the next class which is in September but they want him for this class.  These next 6 months are gonna be rough but I know he can do it and Im very happy:) Just wanted to share the news!! Hope everyone has a great WEEKEND:)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Two Tuesday...

These 2 accessories have made me very happy this week:

1.  My mom bought me a cute leopard wallet about 3 years ago and about a month later I lost it :(  When I got a new car a couple yrs back I gave my sis my old Honda. Last week she went to get her stereo fixed and guess what they found????? MY WALLET!!! I guess it was lodged underneath something. I swear I looked and looked for the wallet forever.  I was so excited when she gave it to me. Especially  because after I thought I lost it I went back to my old GUESS wallet and it was all ripped up. So... SCORE!!! Got me a new wallet now..haha

Love it!!! I'm a leopard FREAK!

2. My boyfriends Mom is one of the nicest ladies I know. Shes always buying me stuff or trying to give me stuff she has that's BRAND NEW.. lol I'm very lucky that she loves me soo much! :) Her friend gave her a brand new 7 For All Mankind purse and  she gave it to me.. I wish it was a bit smaller so I could wear it out but it has come in handy to be my overnight bag, and I need one every weekend practically so another SCORE!!! :) THANKS DONNA!!!!


Just a thought of mine: So i was watching Jerseylicious with my sis last night, and it made me think of something. The episode was about them having treatments in the salon such as lip plumper's, botox, laser crap things for your face. It was just so sad to me how many people do that. Even young woman. This world has become so VAIN and everyone is fake now.. I could never let anyone do that to my face. It looks gross too! In your 20s and getting all this crap done to your face and body??? Just imagine what you're gonna be doing in your 40's haha.. I think about getting my boobs done but Ill wait till after a kid. I just  get worried they will be too big because that's definitely not what I want. Big fake boobs are so ugly and everyone knows theyre fake. Just makes you look like a bimbo.. Just my opinion.. Anyways just a lil thought. Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Palm Springs & some Weekend Fun!!!

This is going to be a long post so hopefully you all enjoy:)

So J's mom hooked us up with 2 free nights at Agua Caliente Resort/Casino in Palm Springs.. we left Thursday morning and stayed till Saturday. When we got there I couldn't believe how nice of a casino it was. Usually casinos smell so bad of smoke and aren't so nice to me. This one was so clean and didn't reek of smoke so that was a super PLUS for me. The room was BEAUTIFUL.. I loved it!! The bed was huge, the bath tub was huge and it was just very nice. When we go to State line the rooms there are so blahhhh and nothing really special to them so I really happy when I saw this room..

On our way
Comfy Bed:)

We really enjoyed the tub..

After we relaxed in the room for a bit we got ready and headed over to the pool. We laid out, got our tan on and enjoyed some fruity cocktails. If i could lay out by the pool everyday I soo would. My fave thing to do!
So Ive always heard people make fun of "WINE IN A Box" but i loved it! It lasted us our whole trip and was so good too and less than $10..haha

This is the Life!!:)

My cutie pie


He forgot his shades in the car..lol

On Sat we decided to fill up our water bottles with wine so we could save some $$.. Bright idea:)

Saturday night we went to dinner at CPK and then walked around downtown Palm Springs. They had a festival going on and had all kinds of stands with different kinds of food and a band and cool things to buy too. Really fun to just people watch and look at all the cool stores and stands. After walking around for a bit we went back to the casino and did some gambling and went to the bar for a bit. I was tired pretty tired early.. I think because of the sun so we headed up to the room.

Loved my pizza. It was delicious

My yummy Mojito

What a cutie patootie I have:)

Enjoying some wine b4 dinner


Friday was pretty much the same during the day. We gambled, pool, and a nap.

J taking his nap. Don't know why but he always falls asleep with his hand down his pants. HILARIOUS!!!

Friday night we went to dinner at a really nice Mexican restaurant downtown. I loved it. We sat on the patio and enjoyed our dinner .. After dinner we went back to the room.. I retouched my makeup, put my dancing shoes on and headed to this lounge/club thing they had in the casino. They had a live band and a DJ so it was really fun. I'm known to make friends everywhere I go and I made friends with a couple and invited them to sit with us because there were no seats left. We talked and danced all night long!! I was pretty happy because I hadn't fallen all weekend but of course I did in the middle of the dance floor that night.. Haha.. Justin freaked up and was like " are u ok?!?!".. I just jumped back up and kept dancing..lol I'm used to falling all the time. My legs just give out on me all the time. So no biggie..

I got Shrimp enchiladas. Real good:)

Practicing his dance moves..haha

 So I don't wear my hair down often because right now its hard to style ..J begged me to wear my hair down  that night, so i did for him.. He loves it down and I just feel funny.. P.s my roots are real bad now. Need to get my hair did soon:)

Our new friends Erika & Bobby:) Real nice people

So all in all we had a fun time.. Loved our mini vacay together and I'm so happy I have a fun Bf.. Hes always up for a good time and we always have them most fun together even when its just the two of us.:)

Dontcha love J's luggage??.. hehe.

Bye Bye Palm Springs!!!

I'm pretty sure J will get free rooms there soon because he spent quite a bit on gambling..I cant wait to go back!!!

Saturday night we went to Miguel's and met up with like 6 of our buddy's. We had a grreat time!! After Miguels we went to Mill creek and got our dance on AGAIN.. 

Kayla, Me, Shann, & Alex.. The boys were busy watching Sports of course..

Sunday we woke up early and went to Church.. After church we ate lunch and took like a 2 hour nap. Im extremely exhausted and I'm pretty sure I gained like 5 pounds this weekend!! I feel so gross right now..lol Anyways hope you all had  a great weekend !!! Ta Ta for now:)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Blah Blah Blah Post

Soooo.. Its been a couple weeks since Ive blogged. Haven't really felt like it. A couple reasons why. The main reason is I just haven't had alot to write about. he he:) Theres another reason to but don't feel like boring you all with it. I'm debating on stopping my blog. Just feeling like I need a lil more privacy:) Ill decide soon what I'm gonna do about that.
On to some other stuff..
Had some interviews lately , joined a couple more agencies. Hoping Ill have something soon.. Meanwhile I'm enjoying my time off and working out as much as I can. I cant seem to get lower than 123. Ill do really good then the weekend will come and Ill eat something bad:( Sucks that just by a couple bad foods a week I stay at the same weight even when working out!! I even cut my alcohol intake out by a bit too..lol

I'm very excited this week because Justin and I leave for Palm Springs for a couple days on Thursday:) I'm looking forward to enjoying some rays,a cocktail or 2, and having some romantical time with my hunny:) He took Thursday and Friday off so I get to see him 5 days in a row.YIPPEE!!!! Anyways just a small post.. Ill see if I have some other stuff to write about but for now this is it. Ill have a weekend posts with some pics next week. Ill make sure to catch up on your blogs very soon too:)

P.s Got a cutie new Bathing Suit from Victoria's Secret. Not very excited bout my beach bod yet but excited to have a new suit and some new summer clothes:)

Love this suit and love that this color make s me look sooo dark:)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Farewell To Friends & Gettin My Bootie In Shape:)

I had another fun, relaxing weekend. yayyy:) Friday we went out with friends. One of J's best friends Brian is moving to Georgia so J wanted to take them out to eat as kind of a farewell.  Justin was his best man in his wedding just a few months ago , and even though J doesn't say how much hes going to miss him I know he will. Boy's just don't get all emotional like us gals do..lol We Went to sushi out by their house in Costa Mesa and after we went to have some drinks. It was fun to hang out and just talk. We didn't get to hang out with Brian and his wife Melanie as much as we wanted to and I'm sad that now we wont be able to just call and say "lets hang ". J is already talking about us going to visit so I cant wait for that:) I sometimes wonder how people can just pick up their stuff and just say " I need a change " and just move. I admire them for being able to do that , because  you get to experience so many more different places but I know that I could never. I would never be able to leave my family.

Saturday J said he wanted to sleep in and I feel bad because around 6 am my allergies started acting up. Sneeze attack!! I had to get up a few times and get Kleenex, then medicine. I know he didn't get his good nights sleep like he wanted lol. Is anyone else having these allergy attacks??? Ive been getting them now for about 3 weeks. I absolutely hate them!! Later we went to watch FAST FIVE.. Omg, I LOVED IT!! At first I was just excited to see Paul Walker but I actually enjoyed the whole movie:) I give it 2 thumbs up. I later did some shopping with my sis .. I was on a hunt for a cute black blazer. I should have an interview either Mon or Tues and I really want this job so I wanted to dress a bit more professional. I found one at a fashion store by my house and it was only $17.. Totally scored! Plus its a blazer I can totally rock with jeans, a cute shirt and heels so that's good too. It was J's working weekend so Sat night I decided to go workout. I hadn't been to the gym alone yet, but I actually liked it more. I did an hour of cardio, and for me that's a big deal..haha. It felt good:) 

Sunday I woke up and decided to do a lil workout on my elliptical at home. I did 3.3 miles. The rest of the day I went to my grandmas house for a visit and then did some testing for a new temp agency. In about an hr ill go to the gym to do a lil more:) I hope this feeling of wanting to workout stays because after every workout I feel so good and I love trying on clothes and feeling nice in them. Its a change for me because I didn't feel like that before. Overall it was a good weekend. I hate not being being with  my hunny,  but its always nice to have some ME time too:)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

J and his besties

Awww..Gonna miss them:(

My eyes look a bit funny but o well

Love these!!!

Cody too:)

This pic is just funny to me

Silly sis

J made this for me last week. I know its on a paper towel but its still romantic to me..haha:) P.s Don't ya just love his nickname for me?.lol