Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Hi Guys!!! Ive been such an awful blogger lately but thought Id do a post to catch you up on my life.  2011 was such an amazing year full of so many great things that happened and I cant explain just how excited and HAPPY i am for 2012.

2011 brought me a job, new car, promotion, and an engagement!!! I have been so incredibly blessed and I thank God every single day. I sometimes wonder why?? Why are so many good things happening to rm and the people around me but God is GREAT God and he loves me!!

I'm Getting Married!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still cant believe it when I talk about it but its slowly becoming more real and in less than 5 months I will become Jennifer Smallwood:)  Wedding planning has actually been real fun. I was worried I was going to get more stressed out and I haven't totally become a Bridezilla yet;) We've managed to get our ceremony site, reception, DJ, photographer, my dress, wedding planner, already and this week we have 4 different appointments for more wedding stuff.. Like I said BUSY BUSY... Going with my bridesmaids tomorrow to look at dresses, meeting w our wedding planner to discuss flowers, fri we do our engagement pics, and sat we go food tasting!!  All fun stuff:) I'm lucky to have my mama and Justin who have been helping me out so much too! Justin graduated so now he has either 3 days off a week or 4. Lucky! So with his schedule he has more time to help me.. Were also going to start looking at houses in the next few weeks and I'm soo happy:) I feel like im dreaming!! Soooo here's to a fabulous, blessed 2012 and I hope the best for all of you too!!! :)

Heres some pics from the past couple months!!! :)


My new car:)

Christmas party with friends

Mission Inn

My handsome man

New years weekend in Laughlin

Beer pong Champs!! :)

Love love love him!!!

Me and My Kayla:)


J and his buddys

J dancing!!! Were a good time:)

Friday, November 4, 2011

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week!!! :)

1. On Saturday I took Justin to the Lake Elsinore Outlets to spoil him for his Bday. I got him soo much and for such good prices too..Score!!! I hadn't been there in years, and forgot about the great stores they have there for Men.. Managed to spoil myself a bit too!! Love my new Wallet & Purse:)
    My new GUESS Wallet and only $20:)
    My new GUESS tote..Love it!! :)
2. Justin finishing his last hard week. Got a call at 1 A.M. this mornng when he got home from his night problems and he let me know he passed everything!! So hes basically all done.. Soooooo Happy!!!

3. My Caramel delight snacks. I'm in love with these yummy things.

4. Getting fitted for my whitening trays( get them next week) at the dentist- Need me some sparkly white teeth for the engagement, weddings pics. It had to be Even though I was really there to make an appointment to get my wisdom teeth out.. OUCH!! :(

5.Looking at houses

6. Weather is slowly starting to change so I needed some black boots. I have some but they are way to high to wear sometimes and I cant be wearing over the knee boots to work so I got these:)

7. Church- We've managed to keep our weekly routine going and it feels good.

8. My Friends- I love them!! I made a new cool gal friend too a work and because of her my days go by so fast.

9. Waking up this morning to the rain and knowing I had nowhere to be:) Just did laundry and sat around cuddling with my doggy all day and watching my fave TV Show:)

10. Weekend is here!!! Cant wait to see my boo boo in a couple hours. 4 days without him this week! Longest its been in a long time.. I miss him so:)

Hope you all  have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloweenie & The Countdown Begins!!!

Just wanted to share our Halloween costumes from this past weekend!! J and I had an absolute blast dressing up this year. Hope you all had a great Halloween!


 As some of you may know my fiance Justin is in the Deputy Sheriffs academy. The academy is 6 months long and Im very happy to finally say that he has exactly 1 more to go! He gradutaes December 1st.  This week is a very crucial week int he academy and I wont be seeing him till Friday because he has night problems all week..Booo!!:( He wont be getting home till midnight for the next 3 days. So as soon as this week is over it will be smooth sailing he says. Please, Please say a lil prayer for him because I know he needs them immensely. Ill be counting down the days till my baby finally graduates and then the next chapter of both our lives will begin.

As soon as he graduates we will be on a mission to buy our 1st home!! yayyyy:) We've been driving around Corona the past few weekends, looking at houses, getting flyer's and O My GOD I get soo excited! We are hoping to buy and J be able to move in a couple months before we get married in June. I wont be moving in till after we tie the not..Kinda bummed bout that but I know it will make both our parents happy If we wait to live together till then. Plus Ive always imagined it like that. Get married, then leave the parentals casa. Thinking about it makes me very excited and super sad at the same time. Yes I'm 28 and still live with my parents (LOSER) but if I had a chance to do it this way again I would. Many Hispanic families are still like that today. You leave till you get married. My Mom and Dad both wanted me to stay till that day and that's what I'm going to do. Its going to be hard leaving them but Its time for me to become a grown up Plus we both don't want to be too far away form our families so were trying to stay very close. :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


First off I wanna say Hi to my new Followers:) I really appreciate you guys stopping by my blog and leaving comments and I promise I will visit yours very soon too. As you can see Ive been a very bad blogger lately and that's just because Ive been SUPER busy! A good busy :)

Some Updates:

Dads Job Searching- Finally OVER!!! :) Hes been working for a few weeks now and he got a great job! God answered another prayer and I'm so very happy for that

My job- Still there and enjoying it very much:) Hours are still kinda rough sometimes but I cant be a complainer because right now I'm lucky to even have a job.

Wedding Planning- Is going FABULOUS!!!!

-Wedding Dress- CHECK
-Photographer- CHECK
-Venue for ceremony & ceremony- CHECK

My mom told me the other day how shocked she was that Ive been so calm and cool about this whole thing so far. I picked my dress at the 2nd place we looked at. I found the venue the 1st day after looking at a few places of course. She said she thought I would be more crazyy and stressed about things lol. Guess Ive always been sort of a Drama Queen and very picky you can say ;)  I feel like God placed all the right things in front of me so I wouldn't have to stress. I found my DREAM dress and that's the one thing I was worried about. Its absolutely beautiful!!! I always heard people say when you try on "THE ONE" you will know and even get emotional. I tried on several and didn't get a feeling ( very nice ones too). When I tried this one on I got emotional and started crying. I felt like such a baby! I just knew this was MY dress.. My mom looked at me and said "That's the one" then hugged me and cried too.  She didn't ask how much or anything she just told them were taking it. My mama is a Baller..ha ha

Question: Ive tried on a few veils and I'm torn between a shorter one and the dramatic long ones that go to the floor. What do you think???? I'm loving them both:)

So just a lil life update. I'm also thinking I need a new Blog Title?? Maybe something along the lines of my new Journey getting ready to become a wifey??.. I gotta brainstorm.

Hope you all have been doing great and I'm going to try to do a post more often. Till Next time:)

Here's a few pics of the past month and a half. My bday pics, besties (BARBIE )Wedding (She was a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!!!), my sis Bday and a random.. 

Bday girl! :)

Flowers delivered from Justin:)

Bday present from my Fiancé

Bday nails... Loved them!!!

Bday night!
Bautiful Bride

Lil Sis and I



Friday, September 9, 2011


Feels so good to even type out those words:) Yes, J and I got engaged over this past holiday weekend!
I feel like Ive had this permanent smile on me all week. Ive only imagined of what this moment would feel like and its so much better that what I imagined..


J took me away to San Diego last weekend to get away. We spent the weekend shopping, enjoying the water, watching bands, eating, romantical time;), and time with friends. We spent most of the days with our friends at this cool camp ground in San Diego. They had EVERYTHING there. A beach, shops, horseshoes, fun water activities, bikes. Just so much fun:)

Sunday night after a day of playing we went back to the hotel around 8.  I got clean and put my comfy sweats on and relaxed.. It was still early so I suggested we go take a walk around the hotel. Our hotel had these really nice rose gardens, gazebos, and it was just a really nice night to walk around. So.. we headed out for our walk( me with no makeup, pony tail..not so cute! ).

After about 20 or so min J asked if I wanted to hang in the gazebo, so as i walked in to sit I turned back around and there he was.. ON HIS KNEE! It was happening!!! I couldn't believe it... even though I felt it was coming it was still a complete surprise to me that he decided to do it right then and there. I didn't even see him get the ring from his bag.. Sneaky  I wish I could remember exactly what he said but I was shaking so bad and nervous I cant remember all of All I remember is him saying " I was gonna do this tomorrow, but I couldn't wait any longer, I love you and want u to be my wife. Will you marry me?". I jumped up and said yes and squeezed him so tight!!!!.. Ive never seen Justin so nervous before too. It was tooo cute:)

Right away I called my mom, and my bestie. Cried with my mama and then cried with my bestie. Thats how you know someone is truly happy for you. They share the happiness you have and they're as excited for you as if it was happening to them. Lucky to have my  best friend who truly cares for me. The next couple hours were full of calls and texts and of course fb comments on my announcement. We felt so loved!!:)

So now here we are ENGAGED and already planning our wedding. We have appointments this weekend already to look at places to have it at. Trying to get the ball rolling, so we can figure out the date and start getting things on their way:) J wants to get married a lil sooner than I thought but If we find something for around the time he wants it I'm just gonna have to suck it up and plan like a mad 

So wish me luck on the planning, learning how to cook, and losing some weight..haha! Wonder how many of these things I will be successful at??? he he;)

Just a quick recap. I know I have much more to blog about but this girl be sleepy :)

Wish I would've taken one in the sun. It sparkles like crazyyy:)

Soon to be MR. & Mrs. Smallwood:)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Some Ramblings:)

Yes..I know I've been a bad blogger!..I convinced my bestie Barbie to start her blog a few months ago when I was more in to blogging and now the roles have reversed. She was never really into it and now she is OBSESSED with it..haha..( Love u Bestie). I just haven't had any time lately. I feel like I have so much to share with you but right now its just going to be a small post. Here's some things that have made me happy this past week! :)

1- I'm actually getting into the groove of my new job. Still learning new things but now I'm doing more and more things on my own and I'm enjoying it. The 10 hour shifts  don't even bother me. It goes by so fast because I'm so busy all day.  Only thing that sucks is I feel like I have no time to catch up on my Fb life and my celeb gossip! :( haha

2- Getting paid every week!-  I love it:)  These past 2 paychecks Ive gone a bit crazy and spoiled myself. Yesterday I enjoyed a nice manicure and Facial. Ive never had a full on Facial and boy did I love it!!! My skin looks and feels brand new:)

3- Church- Ive been going to church every Sunday now for the past month and a half:) I feel like God has blessed me and given me some sense of peace and extreme happiness in my life because of that.

4- My Mom & Dad- Lately we've been getting along soo good:)

5- Justin- Weve both been stressed a lil lately but I know that because we have each other it makes it easier for us and for that I love him sooo much! :)

Just a few things that have been going on. We leave in about 2 hours for San Diego this beautiful Labor Day weekend. I feel like we both need it and I'm so excited to just  get away. We found out too that some friends will be out there too so we will be visiting with them. I promise to catch up on your blogs soon.. This gal has been busy busy and I'm not allowed to blog or fb at work..BOOO!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!:)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Word For The Day: Stressed!!!!!!!!!

This picture is exactly how I feel at work right now! Since my last post a few things have happened. They fired someone at work so they asked if I would like to move up into the Customer Service dept and of course I said YES:) They hired someone else to do my job and now I'm learning something completely different. I feel like I was finally starting to get the hang of my other position and now I have to learn a whole new thing. Today was my 1st day of training and I feel like my brain is exhausted.. So wish me luck that the rest of the week goes by better.. Ahhhhhhh.. Time to eat then pass out.  Hope you all are having a better Monday than I am