Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

FRIDAY- We had a mellow Friday night. We went to get snacks and I brought board games and that was pretty much our night but alot of fun.
We were piggys Fri.. Can you tell? haha:)

A friendly game of Sorry with $ wagred.. I lost:( 

SATURDAY- We decided to go to Miguels and go get a drink. A couple of Justins friends were at Ra so we went there after. They had a dj so that was fun. If theres good tunes playin I always have the most fun:)

Pink Cadillac at Miguels  Sooo good:)

I need to quit smiling so hard makes my neck bones stick out..ewww!! But besides thta I like


SUNDAY- Justin had to wake up early to take his Dad to LAX. Left for Japan for a week:) What fun but sooo long of a plane ride, dont think I could ever do that. Anyway he came back and we got ready to go to lunch. We went to Round table. OMG it was soo yummmyyyyy:) Then we went to a few stores to shop around and walk off some of that greasy pizza.  Later that evening we went to dinner for Justins brother Blakes bday. We went to BJs with his family and enjoyed some good food. I can never go wrong with food I get at Bjs,everything is always so good.  We then enjoyed some Butter finger ice cream cake at the Smallwoods home and after that we called it a night:) Great weekend!! Hope all of you enjoyed yours:)
His gangsta


  1. woah that's a lot of candy lol! Keep smiling big! You are so photogenic it's crazy- SUCH a beautiful smile :) mmmm that Butterfinger ice cream cake was yummy! Have a great week! :)

  2. WOW.. that's alot of food!! lol.. all i heard was snacks, Miguel's, RA, Round Table, BJs and butterfinger ice cream :) If it makes u happy, it can't be that bad!!! :) lol

  3. @ Oilivia-We shared the candy :) I eat alot on the weekend..During the week im a good girl..

    @Jamie-thank u for the nice compliment.. :)and yes the cake was delicious!! Have a great week too! :)

  4. That is too funny that you guys had a wager on Sorry. I recommend Monopoly Deal! It would be intense if there was a wager.

    I also LOVE BJ's!

    Glad you had a fun relaxing weekend.

  5. I think your smile is beautiful:)
    Sounds like a great weekend!!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend!

    BTW your smile is contagious!!

    Dang, the new Sorry game is all kinds of modern! They looked so different back in the day! :)

  7. Thanks for the comments guys!! :)

  8. Keep smiling big you have a beautiful smile
    Looks like a fun weekend :)