Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lots of Weekend Fun!!

I had a great weekend. Had friend time, bf time, family time & Jesus time. Just an overall great weekend:)

Friday night Justin and I decided to go to Shamrocks.. I had been there once before and I really liked it so I wanted Justin to see it. He hated it when it was AUSTINS. I didn’t care for it either then but he was surprised to see how much different it is now. The atmosphere was just totally different. So he gave it 2 thumbs up:) We saw our friend Shannon there & we were happy to catch up a bit too:)

Saturday we had my best friends baby shower to go to. I’m soo excited for her to have her baby. She already has a boy and now she’s having a girl. It’s just so perfect!!:) Justin and I got there around 1 and we had fun eating, talking with friends, and playing games.. My fave was the poopie diaper game.. So funny:)

After all the baby shower fun we went to Sushi. We tried a new place in Corona on Ontario not sure what its called but it was amazing. I loved it so much & can’t wait to go back. Justin’s friend met us and then we went to go have a drink at this bar called 26degrees.. After that we met friends at Taps, stayed there for a bit and then went to Chronic Cantina.. I had never been to the Corona one and from pictures I’ve seen on the web site I didn’t really want to go there but the rest of the party wanted to so I had no We got there and I was happy to see that there was a DJ. I get so excited when I know Ill be listening to music and dancing. I danced my lil bootie off..hehe;) I feel like we had a long, long day so by 12:30 I was pooped out. Don’t think ill go back soon cause the crowd there is just not my style you can say:)

Friends for like 15 years now:)

My handsome & I

My prego Bestie:)

On our way to dinner

This picture makes me hungry:)

Glass of wine with dinner:)

The boys @ Taps


Yummy drink

B4 we got our groove

Sunday morning we went to Harvest church. I really enjoy it. The worship, just everything is so nice:) I love listening to the singers; they all have such beautiful voices. After church we went to Fridays to get our grub on. So yummmmmyyyy:) We pigged The rest of the afternoon consisted of getting groceries for Justin’s work lunches, watching the Lakers game & napping. Justin starts his work week tonight so I won’t get to see him till Wednesday:( I have the hardest working man. He has 2 jobs, and still feels like he wants to do more.

Tonight I’m excited just to relax and watch all my TV shows.. Hope all of you had a great weekend:)


  1. Love your weekend recap! I'm so glad I got to see you on Friday night.

    The sushi looks gross.... ha ha!

    You look gorgeous in your pictures as always!

  2. haha..I remember the 1s time I really ate sushi was with you!! :) Im glad I got to see you too. needs to happen more often:)

  3. Ok. how was the poopie diaper game your favorite when you refused to keep trying to guess what candy was in them? lol

  4. My favorite cause it was funny to see everyone do it:)It was making me feel nauseated.. And chocalte is my favorite..It didnt make any sense..haha

  5. That sushi place is D's parents favorite. We like Tokai best tho. Off Eagle Glen. It's funny b/c we drove by it yesterday & I said how come it has no name ??? It's just "Sushi" lol

    Your lace(is it lace?) cream colored top is sooo cute on you! Really girly I like it.

  6. I text Justin to ask him what it was called and he said he didnt think it had a Now that I think of it, it was just called "SUSHI".. It was soooo yummy. Im just starting to really love sushi so now I get excited to try new places:)

    Thanks for the compliment on my top.I love love it, but it kept snagging on everything. By the end of the night I had a hole on my armpit lol. Not sure how that happened.:(