Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Exercise blahs...

So for about a year now I have been consistently been trying to exercise at least 2,3xs a week, and boy do I HATE it.. I mean I love the way I feel after and I love seeing the pounds go away but I just get so darn bored on my elliptical machine.ha ha.. I've lost about 15 pounds and I'm thinking I want another 10 off and ill be happy. It doesnt  help that I love my cheeseburgers,mexican food,chocolate still so the weight doesnt come off as fast as I want..   Anyways The next couple months I'm going to try to be more strict with my diet. I cant be having too many more of the weekends of greasy food, candy etc. I have this damn pooch that wont go away so was looking for some suggestions on what to do??? :)  So wish me luck on trying to be more fit because the summer will be here before I know it and I wanna feel nice in my bathing suit this year:)

Hoping my tummy  look like this soon..haha!!!!

A random post but like my blog says its going to be alot of these lil ramblings :)


  1. OMGOSH jen!! The pic of your future abs is so funny!

  2. haha.. i was gonna put a pic of a real person but that just wasnt funny.. Cartoons are way cooler!!

  3. Love it! The pic is hilarious!!! and best of luck to u...

  4. I think you look perfect where you are...I got workout & diet obsessed over summer...I think ur now there lol....
    I need ur attitude towards working out & diet b/c I now have 15 lbs to lose

  5. Erika clothes hide alot..lol And u are crazy if u wanna lose 15 pounds you look so thin already you would be invisible if you lost that much:)

  6. I hear ya on the working out...i need to get my butt in gear already. I have absoulty no MODIVATION. Do you know where I can get that from??? LOL. I can go for loosing about 60 lbs.
    But I think you look great Jenn, your HOT! I would die to have your body and you too Erika.... But I do agree Jenn clothes hide allot:)

  7. p.s.
    I love the new picture;) Photoshop??

  8. jenn I agree with clothes hiding a lot. I wanna feel and look awesome naked. I wanna lose 15 more lbs. Good luck =)

    totally do fitness magazine's ab workouts on their website. SO amazing!

  9. @ Katherine- The pic is photoshop:) haha
    For me my motivation is gettin an old skinny pic of me and really fat pic of me and i have them on my elliptical..Really helps..lol Thanks for the comment:)

    @Beth- Thats exactly how i wanna feel..Grrreat NAKED!! lol. Not really there yet:( And thanks for the tip on the site.. Im totally going to check it out tonight!!