Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beautiful Weather..

This weather these past couple days has me me HAPPY!! I cant even imagine how hott its going to be when Summer finally arrives.. Yikes!! Yesterday J and I went for some Golden Spoon :) Was so nice to outside , enjoying our yummy yogurt:) I got Vanilla yogurt with strawberry topping and I didn't care for the strawberries. Just too syrupy and too sweet. There is this place by J's house called Froyoland and the strawberries are just fresh and ice cold. So next time that's where were going:)


Love this pic. Took yesterday evening:)

Woke up early this morning.. Worked out, applied for several jobs, and now soo bored at home. Tried to convince J to stay home so we can go to the beach but no luck...haha:) Just a small post.. Hope you all have a great day!!

Kinda wish you could see how sweaty I am. I sweat soo easily. Its gross!! I guess its good when you work out but p.s just noticed the toliet paper in the oh well

Drank this much this morning. My fave O.J.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This past Saturday I attended a "Naughty Girl party ". I had never gone to one before so didn't know what to expect. I'm not really going to blog much about this because it was all pretty W O W!!!.. haha. I had no idea what some of these things were this lady was talking about, and personally a lot of the stuff was just a lil much for me.  Most of the time I was just giggling. I felt like a little girl..haha. I had fun snacking, drinking champagne, and just being with friends. We later danced the night away and then J came to pick me up at the end of the night... What a good bf I have :) Successful, fun gals night!!!  Here's a few pictures of the night.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Weekend To You All :-)

This post is just gonna have a lil bit of everything:)

Workouts- Been doing good! I did Jillians Shred video twice this week and elliptical 3xs so far:) I haven't been eating so good so I'm guessing my weight will just stay the same. I wish I had more will power when it comes to drinking a coca cola or having a yummy snack but I just don't. I figure you only have one life so enjoy your food:) I wont take it overboard though;) Justin's Mom always has yummy snacks at her house and I can never say no esp when its something new , i feel rude not to try it. So its just being polite, right?? :)
Not gonna obsess over my weight because that's just not me.. So just an update.
A dessert i had to try yesterday:) YUMMMM!
 Yesterday J and I took a trip to the mall.. I needed to buy a compact at Macy's.. Walked around the mall for a bit and J bought himself a few things. Was so surprised. He hardly ever buys himself anything. Always trying to save money:) I was happy he treated himself... I tell him he deserves it, that boy works hard:) After that we went to Dos Lagos to have a appetizer, couple drinks.. We hung out, listened to music and just had a great night. I'm Glad my bf is fun! :)

TODAY is our year and a half anniversary! I know its not a big one but to me it is:) Time goes by so fast and I cant believe were almost to 2..Yayyyy! I have a great man and hes just a beautiful person. I love him, and I love his family.  Just excited to see what is going come next for us. Justin isn't much of a mushy talker but he told me a few weeks ago  " Jenn you're the love of my life" made me cry..haha:) He will catch me off guard and say something super sweet I wont expect. Hes mine as well. My Best friend! Anyways enough mushiness.
<3 him!!!!

Tonight I have no idea what were gonna do but I'm sure it will be fun:) Tomorrow I have a naughty girl party with a bunch of girlfriends:) I'm very excited because it seems like its going to be a lot of us:) Lots of gals having fun, drinking champagne and then who knows. I told J he would prob have to come pick me up from my friends house, because me and champagne = A lil tipsy Jenn so no driving hehe;) 
A song that always makes me in a F A B U L O U S mood!!

Hope all of you have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Few Things ON Wednesday:)

Being home everyday makes me want to blog more because I'm so bored. Yesterday morning I had an Interview:) It was at the Rancho Cucamonga Water District. Its only a temp position to relieve someone when they leave for maternity leave but right now a job is a job. Plus If I were to get hired I could always apply within and get something permanent. The interview went good I think. I walked in the conference room and it was a panel of 3 people. Made me nervous! But I acted confident, and hopefully they liked me:)
Later that night we went to Bj's to celebrate my Uncles Bday.. My 3rd time at Bjs in 1 week.. OMG.. No Bueno!!! lol. Food was great, and even split a mini pazookie with my Dad:) Yummy.. Hitting the Elliptical today!

Bday Boy!

Don't really like this pic but I thought it was funny:)

Tonight I'm excited.. I get to see m Justin:)  Haven't seen him since Saturday, so I'm in need of some boyfriend quality time. I hate that he works graveyard but O well.. We always go out to eat every Wednesday but I honestly don't want to go anywhere because I'm gonna eat bad. I have very little will power when it comes to food. Hopefully he picks somewhere where something healthy sounds good too ( I doubt it) haha.

On another Note- Ive been seeing all these things about my 10 year reunion, and I know most of my readers are from my class too.. Can you believe it?? 10 YEARS???  Makes me feel so freakin old. I remember thinking about the reunion and thinking I would be excited to go but Ive decided not to go.  In my opinion its just gonna be a lot of talking behind everyones back and there is a couple people I prefer not to see. I already see a lot of people from high school out and about and talk to some too so theres no need for me to go. Are you guys going??? P.s. J says..Theres no way in hell he would go.. haha. No wiggle room there. Tried to convince him before when I was still thinking of going..  haha Found my Senior yearbook pic! 10 years ago.. Man o man time goes by too fast.

haha!! Omg.. I look so young. Look any different? No eyebrows!! Yikes. :)

Anyways just a whateva post. Today I'm applying for jobs, laundry, working out. Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend & A Whole Lot Of Nothin

Friday we had a blast at my friend Alex's Bday party. They had a DJ, food, drinks, candy.:) I met her early to help her set up.  Put up decorations, balloons, set up candy bar, etc.  Here's some pictures:)


My hunny & I


Loved her cake:)

Bday Girl!


Jello Shots!
Saturday we woke up had some breakfast, relaxed for a bit. J & I then went to Lampost for some yummy pizza and his friend Sean met us there. After lunch we went to Target to get J's friend Adrian a baby shower gift. We couldn't make the shower that day because J had to work:(  So after a lil more relaxing I went home and did a whole lot of nothing! I ate like a piggy all day. Not only did I eat greasy pizza  but for dinner I ate a big Cheeseburger. OMG! I watched TV with my doggy the rest of the day, uploaded pics, and played angry birds on my phone( I'm a lil obsessed). I was supposed to visit with my friend Barbie but earlier int he morning they found out that her boyfriends really good friend died:( He was on street bike and got hit on the fwy by a drunk driver and died instantly. He had a live in girlfriend and a kid. It made me think just how precious life is. I cant imagine losing Justin and I cant even begin to imagine how his girlfriend is feeling. I tell J all the time that we should live our days like its our last so when we wanna have lil argument over something stupid I try to remind myself of that. Why fight? Makes me tired, stressed and its just not worth it. I look at our relationship and its such a "Grown Up" one compared to my old one. I tell J all the time how crazyyyy my relationship was with my ex. I cant believe the kind of fights we would get into. In the very beginning of J and ours relationship we had an argument and I stormed out of his house and I expected him to come chase me and he DIDN'T! He later told me he doesnt play games like that and hes not gonna do So I knew right then I wasnt going to be able to throw my lil tantrums to get what I want. Aww man! But its changed me alot being with him. Im more mature now, and I love the way we are with eachother. Like I said before hes the peanut butter to my jelly:)

He was happy I was home:)

Sunday I did absolutely nothing productive. Ate all day and watched TV. The rain always makes me in moods like that. Hate it!!! So today I feel like a total chunk so I'm gonna do my elliptical and Jillian Michales. Gonna get back on track. Hope all of you had a great weekend and Ill be reading yours and commenting soon:)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week..

First of all wanted to wish everyone a Happy St.Patricks Day:)

Isnt he the cutest doggy? <3 him!!!

1. Going to bed later & Sleeping in - I loved going to bed a lil later this week, watching my TV shows. I usually miss some of my shows. Loved not having to worry about waking up. I slept in a bit Wed & Thurs:) Felt grreat!

2.Good news about My Justin- On Thursday morning J had his Deputy Sheriff interview and he PASSED!! So very happy:) Tomorrow he goes through his background interview but his hard one is out of the way.

Our usual date night on Wed. Watching American Idol.:) J's hair is a lil shorter. He said he had to cut it shorter to look "The part" for his

3.FRIEND time- This week I've caught up with some friends. Tuesday I had my friend Jessica do my hair. I hadn't seen her in awhile and I loved catching up with her life and just chatting:) Wed I had a lunch date with my friend Shannon:) We had fun eating, then some shopping. I hate that sometimes you get too busy not to see your friends but when you see them it feels like nothing  has changed. Friday night is one of my good friends birthday parties and my super excited about it. Gonna be a blast in a glass! Sat I'm going to meet with my friend Barbie and her baby and then Monday I have a date with my friend Amber, her lil girl, and her lil one in her tummy. Lots of friend time :)

4. Getting my hair done- I just get really  happy when I get it done. Just makes you feel prettier:) Right now my hair is at a weird length so wont be wearing it down much but trying to let it grow so I can soon. Hate that because I wear it up so much you cant tell how different my color is but o well..

5.My Family - Mom & Dad have been very supportive through me losing my job. No pressure just uplifting words and helping me look for a new one:)

Hope all of you have a great weekend and I have my camera back (friend had it the past 2 weeks) so hopefully Ill have some camera pics for my weekend recap..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Friday- Decided to go out with some of  J's friends and my girlfriend and her guy friend. Went to a couple places at Dos lagos. Fun night just talking, joking , eating, and of course a lil dancing:) J will all of a sudden be in his dancing moods and that night he definitely hes so funny.

My friend Mayra & me:)

Justin, Steve & Mayras friend Tony
J & Mayra
Saturday-  Justin knew I wasn't having a good week so he said he wanted to do something I liked. So of course I said SHOPPING:) I wanted to spend a lil of the $ I made at that stupid  We first went to The Cheesecake Factory. We had only been there once before and we loved it. We decided its our new fave place. There is so much to choose from. After we ate  ate only half of our meal  our meal we decided to split a piece of cheesecake. You cant go there and not have a piece right??? We got a piece of the White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut . In my opinion it was just too sweet for me. I loved the kind we got b4 just a simple strawberry cheesecake. Now I know that's what I'm gonna stick to:)
 We then did some shopping bought me 3 pairs of shoes, ( i needed them) a beautiful long sundress, a cute purse that has leopard inside, ( love,love leopard) and a few more things:) I was soo sooo happy!!!  No more shopping for me for a bit. While we were there we passed by a jewelry store and Justin asked If I wanted to look inside. I though he was kidding but he wanted me to find out what size ring I was.. We went in , I tried on a few rings which I loved and found out I'm a size 4.  So now J knows what I like and what size I am. So maybe its gonna happen sooner than I think;) That night we went to Pechanga , did a lil gambling. Didn't stay there long because  it was too packed.

Few of my buys

Best Foundation Ive ever used. Definetely recommend it:)

Sunday- We just relaxed,watched a movie and now I'm back home chillin..Tomorrow is Monday and Ill be hard at it looking for a job again. Gonna call more agencies and look online.. Hope all of you had a great weekend and cant wait to read all about them.