Wednesday, October 19, 2011


First off I wanna say Hi to my new Followers:) I really appreciate you guys stopping by my blog and leaving comments and I promise I will visit yours very soon too. As you can see Ive been a very bad blogger lately and that's just because Ive been SUPER busy! A good busy :)

Some Updates:

Dads Job Searching- Finally OVER!!! :) Hes been working for a few weeks now and he got a great job! God answered another prayer and I'm so very happy for that

My job- Still there and enjoying it very much:) Hours are still kinda rough sometimes but I cant be a complainer because right now I'm lucky to even have a job.

Wedding Planning- Is going FABULOUS!!!!

-Wedding Dress- CHECK
-Photographer- CHECK
-Venue for ceremony & ceremony- CHECK

My mom told me the other day how shocked she was that Ive been so calm and cool about this whole thing so far. I picked my dress at the 2nd place we looked at. I found the venue the 1st day after looking at a few places of course. She said she thought I would be more crazyy and stressed about things lol. Guess Ive always been sort of a Drama Queen and very picky you can say ;)  I feel like God placed all the right things in front of me so I wouldn't have to stress. I found my DREAM dress and that's the one thing I was worried about. Its absolutely beautiful!!! I always heard people say when you try on "THE ONE" you will know and even get emotional. I tried on several and didn't get a feeling ( very nice ones too). When I tried this one on I got emotional and started crying. I felt like such a baby! I just knew this was MY dress.. My mom looked at me and said "That's the one" then hugged me and cried too.  She didn't ask how much or anything she just told them were taking it. My mama is a Baller..ha ha

Question: Ive tried on a few veils and I'm torn between a shorter one and the dramatic long ones that go to the floor. What do you think???? I'm loving them both:)

So just a lil life update. I'm also thinking I need a new Blog Title?? Maybe something along the lines of my new Journey getting ready to become a wifey??.. I gotta brainstorm.

Hope you all have been doing great and I'm going to try to do a post more often. Till Next time:)

Here's a few pics of the past month and a half. My bday pics, besties (BARBIE )Wedding (She was a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!!!), my sis Bday and a random.. 

Bday girl! :)

Flowers delivered from Justin:)

Bday present from my Fiancé

Bday nails... Loved them!!!

Bday night!
Bautiful Bride

Lil Sis and I