Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crying like a baby to American Idol

Last night on AI they had the saddest story. This guys fiancee got in an awful accident and had terrible brain injury. It showed how hes stayed with her and is her care taker and OMG I couldn't stop the tears. Please watch the video It was just so beautiful to me how someone can love someone so much. This poor woman will  never be the same  and no matter what he has stayed with her. Just made me think "this is what love really is". Just a beautiful, beautiful story. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did:)


  1. Aww You got my crying too! That's an awesome story!

    Reminds me of my Rich after my accident. My face was so jacked up and we never knew how it would turn out. I'd look in the mirror and start crying, saying I looked like a monster, and he always told me I just looked like a pretty girl who got hurt.
    Some guys have the biggest hearts! :)

  2. Awww.. you got me all teary eyed.. I can tell how much Rich loves you everytime I see him look at you Jamie:)Accidents are awful. I thank God everyday that I was ok after mine. Scars are just my reminder of something awful that happened..

  3. are you missing my texts yet????? BGC was so lame this week and Jersey Shore too... what is with everybody becoming friends again??? Annoying!!!! lol and Idol was so freakin' sad, and what a great guy! P.S. I love Jennifer Lopez 10xs more because of this show :) and Steven Tyler is awesome :)