Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Special People In My Life

My Parents
I know alot of people say " I have the best parents" but I swear when I say it I know its totally true:) My Mom & Dad have both been there for me even when I believe maybe they shouldn’t have.  I had a very rebellious time in my late teens and I know I was very big disappointment & bigger headache to them and no matter what they were still there. My father & I were inseparable growing up they used to call me his little"mosqua" which in Spanish means "fly" cause I used to follow him around like an annoying fly..haha when I turned 17 I met a boy and he became my boyfriend and that’s when it all went downhill.. I guess my Dad always thought of me as his lil girl and in those 3 and a half years I was with this boy I really disappointed my dad alot.. I ran away to be with him and some other not so good things I prefer not to But after that happened I didn’t talk to by dad for about a year. Just very seldom. He didn’t agree with my partying ways after I broke up with the ex either and those lasted about 4 years..In the past few years our relationship has gotten so much better & esp. since I started dating the new boy its gotten extremely better:) <3 my Dad!! Now my Mom there’s really not anything I can really complain about she’s the BEST!!! I love love my Mom so much and even though we don’t agree about alot of stuff I think Its just because my mom has the mindset of living in 1950's I sometimes She’s very old school and thinks alot of things are bad, but that’s just her.. I’ve had a hard time looking for work, getting work, and then something shitty happening where I lose it:( My parents have both let me stay in their home RENT FREE while im looking for new employment. P.s. Sucks looking for a job.. Anyways just a lil summary bout my parents:)

                                                                        My Boyfriend

Justin and I started dating Sep'09. We went to high school together, even had a class together & never talked. I went to Miguel’s Sunday brunch( my fave) with my friend Mayra and we were there watching football and then two boys walked in. Instantly I knew that i knew him from somewhere and then it clicked that he had gone to my HS. So by this time this is about 2, 3 mimosas in haha and I told my friend I was gonna go to the bathroom and then go talk to him.. Yes I get very gutsy when I So I got out and then went up to him and we started talking.. We spent the entire day together!! :) I woke up the next morning and was thinking omg this guy is so not going to call me I was probably acting a But he text soon after that and were texting everyday(Im not really a phone person). He asked me on a date and i was reluctant at that time because I hadn’t been on a date in like 2 years.. I would get asked out and then flake all the But this time I told myself I had to go , because for some reason I had a really good feeling about this one:) We went out on a Friday night to Woodranch and we just clicked.. I felt like I had known this boy forever, we later went to his friends apartment and I invited my friend Shannon because I felt like she would take my nervousness away. She was like my wingman, I guess you can say:) By the end of the night Justin told me he wanted me to be his GIRLFRIEND and I was thinking in my head this guy is cuckoo Something inside me said to say yes and good thing I did cause we’ve been together ever since!! :) I have never in my life been soooo in love the way I am now, and the best feeling to me is that I know with all my heart he feels the same way and that’s the best feeling in the world. Hes my best friend.. Were like two peas in a pod, hes the peanut butter to my jelly:) I always thought every guy would be like my ex but Justin is the complete opposite and i cant believe it. I love this man everyday more and more & we are just perfect together!! Cant wait to someday be his wife and one day start our family. That’s what we both want and hopefully it will happen soon.
                                                                      My Doggy
 Yes yes i know he's not a person but to me my doggy is :) He is the #1 consistent person in my life. Always there when Im sad, happy, mad. He doesn’t judge me and best of all talk back. hehe.. Hes the best pet I have ever had in my life just like a person. He always makes me laugh and is by far the cutest dog I have ever seen and that’s why he’s special to me:)

There’s more special people to me like my sister, even though we fight a lot but no  matter what she’s my sis and I have her back  no matter what. My best friend Barbie, she’s like my other half. I’ve never had a friend that understands me the way she does I don’t even have to explain she just knows:) Many other friends, and of course my extended family.. Hope you enjoyed this post:)


  1. Your so cute!! I love your blog...and I think you should stick with it;) Its like theraphy sometimes...ahaha;)

  2. Thanks Katherine!!! Im enjoying it so far:)

  3. I dont like that you dont use a whole section to talk about me lol love your post!

  4. Love how you cherish the one's you love :) Very sweet post.

    We are lucky to have amazing supportive parents, some aren't so lucky-makes me sad. I too had my share of not so proud daughter moments in my past & my parents have stuck by my side through it all.

    You & Justin are both such good people SO glad your guys paths crossed and I think wedding bells are soon to come...jus sayn' :)

    Cute lil pup too :)

  5. Barbie your a dork! Ill be sure to write more about you:) & thanks Erika for the comment:)

  6. I loved your post! I never knew how you and Justin got together- but I've always been so glad you did! Cute doggy! Looking forward to your ramblings and pics! :)

  7. Thanks Jamie I really appreciate that:) Justins family has always made me feel like part of their family and that makes me very happy:)

  8. I like this intro post. So glad that you and your dad have a great relationship now.

    I love the story of how you and Justin re-met. I remember you texting me saying that he was at brunch and that you were going to talk to him. I'm glad to have been your wing woman on your first date, but I can't believe I wasn't invited to Wood Ranch.

    Maybe it's good that you don't have a job. That way your have more time to plan a wedding. :)

  9. :) I remember texting u too Shann.. Thats soo funny.. Thanks for the comment!! :)