Friday, January 14, 2011

Hooray for Friday!!!

Soo..Its Friday and Im super happy today because I have a job interview !!:) I also have a job interview on Monday so Im hoping that something will come along soon so good thoughts & a lil prayer would be greatly appreciated.. I have no definite plans for the weekend I just know Ill be with J.. Im very happy because he has the whole weekend off. He usually works every other Saturday and every Sunday which sometimes I hate,but this weekend is a nice change.
Last night we had a nice date night.. a Walmart trip,some Miguels, and Jersey Shore.I think most of the time I have the most fun we we just lounge around and do nothing.. Just nice and relaxing. I just need to say somethin about Jersey Shore. I know its a trashy show but Im horribly addicted. Sometimes I just wanna jump in the tv and sock some sense into Sammi.. Shes such a dumb dumb. I wonder If she sees herself on these episodes and thinks shes smart..Ughh.. I just had to get that off my shoulders:)
On another note:
Lately Ive been trying to take more pictures and J isnt really a big fan.. I make him take them anyways so these next few pics youll see..haha:)

What a funny guy.. Anyways hope all of you have a great weekend!!!! :)


  1. I think Sammi is so pretty but has the WORST bad attitude which isn't pretty...does that make any sense? lol She's gotten so lost & insecure in her toxic relationship it's sad...but makes for good tv.

    Happy weekend! :)

  2. I know whatcha mean.. Shes such an ugly person it makes her very unattractive to me.. Happy weekend to you too..Have fun on your vacation!! Im on vacation every

  3. Oh girl I hear ya about Sam, I just want to slap her and tell her to cut her bitchyness it's totally unecessary!!
    Have a great weekend too;)


  5. Thanks Bestie!!! The "PINK" sweatshirts are my fave i decided i had too many black sweats so i went bright:)

  6. Ugh.. I agree with you about Sammie.. She's a lost soul.. It's really kinda sad.. Justin is so funny that he's not a fan of pictures.. lol.. Any marriage talk?? I sae on fb that you think it might be coming soon?? I need some details :)

  7. We talk about it all the time Stacey but its a matter of saving some $$ and having that part situated with first:) And yes Justin is soo funny.. He makes me laugh all the time cause hes soo camera shy.. O well its not gonna stop me..hehe;)