Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend & A Whole Lot Of Nothin

Friday we had a blast at my friend Alex's Bday party. They had a DJ, food, drinks, candy.:) I met her early to help her set up.  Put up decorations, balloons, set up candy bar, etc.  Here's some pictures:)


My hunny & I


Loved her cake:)

Bday Girl!


Jello Shots!
Saturday we woke up had some breakfast, relaxed for a bit. J & I then went to Lampost for some yummy pizza and his friend Sean met us there. After lunch we went to Target to get J's friend Adrian a baby shower gift. We couldn't make the shower that day because J had to work:(  So after a lil more relaxing I went home and did a whole lot of nothing! I ate like a piggy all day. Not only did I eat greasy pizza  but for dinner I ate a big Cheeseburger. OMG! I watched TV with my doggy the rest of the day, uploaded pics, and played angry birds on my phone( I'm a lil obsessed). I was supposed to visit with my friend Barbie but earlier int he morning they found out that her boyfriends really good friend died:( He was on street bike and got hit on the fwy by a drunk driver and died instantly. He had a live in girlfriend and a kid. It made me think just how precious life is. I cant imagine losing Justin and I cant even begin to imagine how his girlfriend is feeling. I tell J all the time that we should live our days like its our last so when we wanna have lil argument over something stupid I try to remind myself of that. Why fight? Makes me tired, stressed and its just not worth it. I look at our relationship and its such a "Grown Up" one compared to my old one. I tell J all the time how crazyyyy my relationship was with my ex. I cant believe the kind of fights we would get into. In the very beginning of J and ours relationship we had an argument and I stormed out of his house and I expected him to come chase me and he DIDN'T! He later told me he doesnt play games like that and hes not gonna do So I knew right then I wasnt going to be able to throw my lil tantrums to get what I want. Aww man! But its changed me alot being with him. Im more mature now, and I love the way we are with eachother. Like I said before hes the peanut butter to my jelly:)

He was happy I was home:)

Sunday I did absolutely nothing productive. Ate all day and watched TV. The rain always makes me in moods like that. Hate it!!! So today I feel like a total chunk so I'm gonna do my elliptical and Jillian Michales. Gonna get back on track. Hope all of you had a great weekend and Ill be reading yours and commenting soon:)


  1. CUUUUUUTE Orange coral?? I'm not sure the exact color of that top but I am sure that I luv it!

    I'm sorry to hear about your friends, that is awful & you're right life is too short.

    D would NEVER chase me. If I say I need space he gives me that & says "dont' say it if you don't mean it" ahh crap lol But ... it sure does cut out a lot of crap & time wasting.

    Jillian & I had two dates this weekend & I kept saying "it hurts so good" D always says that but it's true.

    Oh & p.s. how cute is all the candy & ice cream cone treats!!

  2. I didnt know what the exact color it was either. It said it was RUST. I was calling it orange..haha I loved it & thanks:)
    Im used to running out and making it all DRAMA filled but youre right it does cut out a lot of time wasting.
    I never feel like working out on the weekends so good for you! :)

  3. Hey Jenn- It's Shann! I'm not logged into my account, but I LOVE your coral shirt too! You are super skinny!

    I'm glad that you had a good weekend. I didn't know Adrian was going to be a dad. That is so great.

    My 2nd mom told me that when she was dating her now-husband she stormed out of his house one night and he didn't chase after her either. He told her that SHE was the one that left and he wasn't going to play games. I think that is great that you are in such a mature and healthy relationship.

    I haven't done Jillian's Yoga Meltdown or the Shred in a few months, but I did take a yoga class at the gym yesterday and I am so sore, but I'm glad because that means I had a good work out.

    Love you!

  4. Shann- your face shows up on your comment:)
    Thanks for the compliment but Im not skinny. Youre crazyy

    Justin told me the exact thing. You left so Im not chasing you. Made me mad but I guess it was for the best:)

    Adrians wife is having a lil boy I think shes due next month already:)

    Ive never done Yoga but when you were talking about it last week I think I might want to try :)


  5. You look adorable in your pictures.. and, YES you are skinny!! You look great!!! Was that the Hot Dog shop off of Hidden Valley?? I don't like hot dogs, but my hubby went there the other day and said it was delish!! I'm so glad you and Justin are so happy.. Isn't it great being in a Grown Up relationship?? Me and the hubby aren't game players either, and it just makes life so much easier.. Hows the job hunting going??

  6. Thanks Stacey:).. The party was at the hot dog shoppe. My friend knows the owner so he let her have the party there. I've never tried it either but Justin and his brothers love it.They had hot dogs at the party but I don't like to Drink and eat (messes my tummy up)..haha.. I had years of playing games so its a nice change not to anymore.. Job hunt is going ok.. I have an interview tom at the rancho cucamonga water district so we will see what happens.. Thanks for the comment:)