Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Few Things ON Wednesday:)

Being home everyday makes me want to blog more because I'm so bored. Yesterday morning I had an Interview:) It was at the Rancho Cucamonga Water District. Its only a temp position to relieve someone when they leave for maternity leave but right now a job is a job. Plus If I were to get hired I could always apply within and get something permanent. The interview went good I think. I walked in the conference room and it was a panel of 3 people. Made me nervous! But I acted confident, and hopefully they liked me:)
Later that night we went to Bj's to celebrate my Uncles Bday.. My 3rd time at Bjs in 1 week.. OMG.. No Bueno!!! lol. Food was great, and even split a mini pazookie with my Dad:) Yummy.. Hitting the Elliptical today!

Bday Boy!

Don't really like this pic but I thought it was funny:)

Tonight I'm excited.. I get to see m Justin:)  Haven't seen him since Saturday, so I'm in need of some boyfriend quality time. I hate that he works graveyard but O well.. We always go out to eat every Wednesday but I honestly don't want to go anywhere because I'm gonna eat bad. I have very little will power when it comes to food. Hopefully he picks somewhere where something healthy sounds good too ( I doubt it) haha.

On another Note- Ive been seeing all these things about my 10 year reunion, and I know most of my readers are from my class too.. Can you believe it?? 10 YEARS???  Makes me feel so freakin old. I remember thinking about the reunion and thinking I would be excited to go but Ive decided not to go.  In my opinion its just gonna be a lot of talking behind everyones back and there is a couple people I prefer not to see. I already see a lot of people from high school out and about and talk to some too so theres no need for me to go. Are you guys going??? P.s. J says..Theres no way in hell he would go.. haha. No wiggle room there. Tried to convince him before when I was still thinking of going..  haha Found my Senior yearbook pic! 10 years ago.. Man o man time goes by too fast.

haha!! Omg.. I look so young. Look any different? No eyebrows!! Yikes. :)

Anyways just a whateva post. Today I'm applying for jobs, laundry, working out. Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Good luck with the job!!

    I cannot wait for the reunion! I think it'll be so fun!

  2. Heck ya I'm going to the reunion.. I don't care what anybody has to say behind my back.. I just want to go and have fun with my real friends and eff anyone who doesn't like me.. lol.. You should still go :)

  3. Oooops.. i was signed into my Moms account, and commented under her name.. That comment above was from me :) lol

  4. Haha.. I don't know I just picture it a certain way. Maybe ill change my mind and go w a few friends. I've never cared what people say about me so I shouldn't start now..:) I saw pics of the 99 reunion and didn't look like anything special. Maybe if they do it somewhere nice;)

  5. omg! you look sooooo different lol I hate my yearbook pics I look like a freakin retard in all of them!

  6. Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog ... it's been so busy over here I haven't had time to blog. Looks like you've been having fun ... your last post that party looked so much fun! Good luck with the job hunt/ interview you already went on. Will didn't want to go to his 10 year last year, we had talked to a couple of his friends & nobody wanted to go. My sister went to hers in 99 ... she said it wasn't anything special. But I do want to go to mine next year! We will see. Tell Justin I say HI. Hope you are having a fab week!

  7. 10 years is freaking CRAZY!! I keep seeing stuff about ours too on FB....I kinda already see everyone that I went to high school it wouldnt be any different then it is now, so I get what your saying.