Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Weekend To You All :-)

This post is just gonna have a lil bit of everything:)

Workouts- Been doing good! I did Jillians Shred video twice this week and elliptical 3xs so far:) I haven't been eating so good so I'm guessing my weight will just stay the same. I wish I had more will power when it comes to drinking a coca cola or having a yummy snack but I just don't. I figure you only have one life so enjoy your food:) I wont take it overboard though;) Justin's Mom always has yummy snacks at her house and I can never say no esp when its something new , i feel rude not to try it. So its just being polite, right?? :)
Not gonna obsess over my weight because that's just not me.. So just an update.
A dessert i had to try yesterday:) YUMMMM!
 Yesterday J and I took a trip to the mall.. I needed to buy a compact at Macy's.. Walked around the mall for a bit and J bought himself a few things. Was so surprised. He hardly ever buys himself anything. Always trying to save money:) I was happy he treated himself... I tell him he deserves it, that boy works hard:) After that we went to Dos Lagos to have a appetizer, couple drinks.. We hung out, listened to music and just had a great night. I'm Glad my bf is fun! :)

TODAY is our year and a half anniversary! I know its not a big one but to me it is:) Time goes by so fast and I cant believe were almost to 2..Yayyyy! I have a great man and hes just a beautiful person. I love him, and I love his family.  Just excited to see what is going come next for us. Justin isn't much of a mushy talker but he told me a few weeks ago  " Jenn you're the love of my life" made me cry..haha:) He will catch me off guard and say something super sweet I wont expect. Hes mine as well. My Best friend! Anyways enough mushiness.
<3 him!!!!

Tonight I have no idea what were gonna do but I'm sure it will be fun:) Tomorrow I have a naughty girl party with a bunch of girlfriends:) I'm very excited because it seems like its going to be a lot of us:) Lots of gals having fun, drinking champagne and then who knows. I told J he would prob have to come pick me up from my friends house, because me and champagne = A lil tipsy Jenn so no driving hehe;) 
A song that always makes me in a F A B U L O U S mood!!

Hope all of you have a great weekend!!!


  1. Happy weekend to you too! Congrats on the year & a half! I still count mine & mike's dating anniversary as the time we've been together (10 years this summer), so by all means celebrate what you want!! No need to follow anyone else's rules :)

  2. Yay! Happy anniversary you guys! I celebrate everything ... Pay being a month older, the dogs birthday, our dating anniversary (will be 8 years in October) & coming up on our 3 year wedding anniversary! Those cookies look YUMMY ... peanut butter cups? Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Hi Jenn. I am Erika's Mom, Kris. I have been peeking at your blog from Erika's blog. You have yourself a great guy, in Justin. We have always been very fond of him. I am so glad he has found such happiness in you! Say hello to him for us, and good luck with your job hunt. Something better always comes along.
    : )

  4. Thank You Kris:) Ill let Justin know you say hello & thanks for the kind words:)