Friday, March 11, 2011

Exercise Blahs Part 2..

So... Since Ive last posted my part one Ive tried to be consistent on my workout. The last month was hard because I was working so I would be tired when I would get home so my workouts would only be like once or twice a week:(  I know I have to workout and I'm not a naturally thin gal. I'm a Hispanic woman and were just a little I decided to get back on it and now I gotta start doing lower tummy exercise and butt exercises. I notice everyday how much smaller my butt is getting and it makes me sad. I used to have a butt b4 ( it was a fatty butt ) but still some  meat:) I decided to weigh myself when I got up yesterday morning and the  scale said. DRUM ROLL PLEASE........ 124!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyy:) I haven't weighed this since high school I think:) Feels so nice and I think my goal is to be 115or 120 Not sure yet. I'm still real flabby so now its a matter of getting fit. Went to buy jeans the other day and went a size smaller because my others are getting too big. Wore my new ones and now those are a lil too big: I think I might be one size smaller:) That feeling when I realized it made me so happy. Ive always had trouble buying jeans cause I was always meaty.

When Justin and I first started dating I weighed like 140. I never felt too chunky but now I can feel and see the difference. I ask J if he likes me better now and he says if it makes you feel better than good but I obviously liked you before because that's why I started dating you:) Love him soo much!
The biggest I ever was is when I was with my ex. When we broke up I was 152!!!!!!!! I cant believe it. I look at pictures and cant believe I let myself get that big. My face was a circle! I mean for my size I should never weigh that much. I'm not very tall. All we would do was eat together. We both gained alot of weight together over the years and since hes gotten
Feels nice to actually look at my license now and know I'm not lying about my weight and in actuality now it says I weigh 6 pounds more than what I am. I better get on it and change that A.S.A.P..haha:)

I have a hard time eating healthy... I like food too much and bad food too. I need to quit with the cokes and really stick to it for a bit. Anyways I was up early and bored so here's my post for the day. Enjoy:)

My weakness.. But so YUMMMMMM

<3 this thing and hate it too..


  1. Wow!! Jenn I am so proud of you that is so amazing. My goal weight right now is 130... 124 is so ridiculously fantastic! When I get to my goal weight im gonna see how I feel about my body and if I need to get lower.

    You look incredible (that pic in the black dress, WOWZA). Good luck!

  2. Beth.. U look Fab. That pic you posted up on your fb...I want my tummy to look like yours!
    I think I weigh less because I have no I have small legs and no ass so thats some weight off too. Thanks for the comment girl and Im so envious of your workouts :)

  3. You do look really great Jenn you should be so proud of all your hard work, I never thought you looked chunky ever tho.

    P.s. 124 I wish!!! Lol I don't even want to tell you what I weigh!

  4. Erika.. I dont post any of my old chunky pics. Oh and P.s you look great too! You should never be 124 youre super tall:) P.S.S. and you eat healthy and workout way more than me so you should be proud of yourself;)

  5. Congrats doll... still not a fan of scales yet, but I too am definitely working my ass off for these weddings coming up!!! :)Keep up the good work :)