Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Friday- Decided to go out with some of  J's friends and my girlfriend and her guy friend. Went to a couple places at Dos lagos. Fun night just talking, joking , eating, and of course a lil dancing:) J will all of a sudden be in his dancing moods and that night he definitely hes so funny.

My friend Mayra & me:)

Justin, Steve & Mayras friend Tony
J & Mayra
Saturday-  Justin knew I wasn't having a good week so he said he wanted to do something I liked. So of course I said SHOPPING:) I wanted to spend a lil of the $ I made at that stupid  We first went to The Cheesecake Factory. We had only been there once before and we loved it. We decided its our new fave place. There is so much to choose from. After we ate  ate only half of our meal  our meal we decided to split a piece of cheesecake. You cant go there and not have a piece right??? We got a piece of the White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut . In my opinion it was just too sweet for me. I loved the kind we got b4 just a simple strawberry cheesecake. Now I know that's what I'm gonna stick to:)
 We then did some shopping bought me 3 pairs of shoes, ( i needed them) a beautiful long sundress, a cute purse that has leopard inside, ( love,love leopard) and a few more things:) I was soo sooo happy!!!  No more shopping for me for a bit. While we were there we passed by a jewelry store and Justin asked If I wanted to look inside. I though he was kidding but he wanted me to find out what size ring I was.. We went in , I tried on a few rings which I loved and found out I'm a size 4.  So now J knows what I like and what size I am. So maybe its gonna happen sooner than I think;) That night we went to Pechanga , did a lil gambling. Didn't stay there long because  it was too packed.

Few of my buys

Best Foundation Ive ever used. Definetely recommend it:)

Sunday- We just relaxed,watched a movie and now I'm back home chillin..Tomorrow is Monday and Ill be hard at it looking for a job again. Gonna call more agencies and look online.. Hope all of you had a great weekend and cant wait to read all about them.


  1. Oooooolala.. Ring shopping is FUN!!! I'm a size 5.. I have little fingers too :) I hope it happens SOON for you.. It's magical, and when you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend, it makes life that much more wonderful :) Sounds like a great weekend.. Mmmmm cheesecake.. I like just simple cheesecake too.. And, good luck with the job hunt this week :)

  2. I LOOOOOVE leapoard too :) Makes me happy!

    Ring size 4 holy moly Stacey has the smallest fingers of anyone I know & yours are smaller than hers! lol Good thing he foudn out your size or that'd be risky business falling off!

    Cute buys! Where is that foundation from?

  3. Erika- Foundation is from Sephora.:) I have small fingers and my sis has smallers

  4. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend full of fun! Cheesecake looks yummmmmy! Have a good week! =)