Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week..

First of all wanted to wish everyone a Happy St.Patricks Day:)

Isnt he the cutest doggy? <3 him!!!

1. Going to bed later & Sleeping in - I loved going to bed a lil later this week, watching my TV shows. I usually miss some of my shows. Loved not having to worry about waking up. I slept in a bit Wed & Thurs:) Felt grreat!

2.Good news about My Justin- On Thursday morning J had his Deputy Sheriff interview and he PASSED!! So very happy:) Tomorrow he goes through his background interview but his hard one is out of the way.

Our usual date night on Wed. Watching American Idol.:) J's hair is a lil shorter. He said he had to cut it shorter to look "The part" for his

3.FRIEND time- This week I've caught up with some friends. Tuesday I had my friend Jessica do my hair. I hadn't seen her in awhile and I loved catching up with her life and just chatting:) Wed I had a lunch date with my friend Shannon:) We had fun eating, then some shopping. I hate that sometimes you get too busy not to see your friends but when you see them it feels like nothing  has changed. Friday night is one of my good friends birthday parties and my super excited about it. Gonna be a blast in a glass! Sat I'm going to meet with my friend Barbie and her baby and then Monday I have a date with my friend Amber, her lil girl, and her lil one in her tummy. Lots of friend time :)

4. Getting my hair done- I just get really  happy when I get it done. Just makes you feel prettier:) Right now my hair is at a weird length so wont be wearing it down much but trying to let it grow so I can soon. Hate that because I wear it up so much you cant tell how different my color is but o well..

5.My Family - Mom & Dad have been very supportive through me losing my job. No pressure just uplifting words and helping me look for a new one:)

Hope all of you have a great weekend and I have my camera back (friend had it the past 2 weeks) so hopefully Ill have some camera pics for my weekend recap..


  1. Your hair looks sooo good! How cute you put your pup in green! Happy Friday have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Jenn! Sounds like you had a very happy week, that's awesome! =) That's how all my friend time seems to be now-a-days ... but I love how it's just like you've talked everyday & missed nothing! Your doggy is cute! Good Luck to Justin! Love you hair! Have a good weekend! xo