Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beautiful Weather..

This weather these past couple days has me me HAPPY!! I cant even imagine how hott its going to be when Summer finally arrives.. Yikes!! Yesterday J and I went for some Golden Spoon :) Was so nice to outside , enjoying our yummy yogurt:) I got Vanilla yogurt with strawberry topping and I didn't care for the strawberries. Just too syrupy and too sweet. There is this place by J's house called Froyoland and the strawberries are just fresh and ice cold. So next time that's where were going:)


Love this pic. Took yesterday evening:)

Woke up early this morning.. Worked out, applied for several jobs, and now soo bored at home. Tried to convince J to stay home so we can go to the beach but no luck...haha:) Just a small post.. Hope you all have a great day!!

Kinda wish you could see how sweaty I am. I sweat soo easily. Its gross!! I guess its good when you work out but p.s just noticed the toliet paper in the oh well

Drank this much this morning. My fave O.J.


  1. They have a pineapple oj too & with champagne it's soo good :)

    U look so cute, it's good to sweat! Good for you, ahhh I'm jealous....I can hardly walk upstairs without getting dizzy & out of breath right now.

  2. I love yours and Justins Yogurt dates..Im gonna make luis start taking me on those!