Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday night me, J, and his parents went out to Menifee to have dinner with J's brother and his family:) We went to a yummy pizza place and afterwards we went back to J's bros house and enjoyed some cake and played with his niece:) I finally got the courage to carry Zoe. Shes a lil over a month now and still is light as a feather. I was very nervous but then after a couple minutes I felt more comfortable. Man.. I don't know how these Mamas do it all day long.  My arm was killing me after 5 minutes carrying a I'm going to have some trouble when I finally have one.
Love watching them together.. J is def gonna be a great Daddy:)

J & baby Zoe

Baileys new cardboard house


Saturday we went to the mall and I was on the hunt for some black wedges.. I found the perfect ones at Reflection and of course they did not have my size:( Size 7 seems to always run out too fast! So.... I'm on the hunt again.. Thinking Ill go online today:) J had a successful shopping day and bought himself some shirts and a couple shorts. His clothes aren't fitting him anymore so he had to go shopping. That boy has to be forced to buy himself
I did find these and got them for $6 ..Score!:)

Saturday night we went to Citrus City Grille and had nice night out with 3 other couples.. Fun Fun!! We enjoyed some music and had a great night:)

One of my good friends Alex

We are very silly!!:)


Sunday was a fun filled day at the beach.. We went with J's parents and had the most fun. We rode bikes, had lunch, layed out, and just enjoyed a beautiful day:) My bestie was at Balboa taking her engagement pics so J and I rode bikes there to go have a quick visit! :)


Bike riding

My lovey love love

J and Barbies daughter Lianah


All and all it was great weekend and today I'm exhausted. The sun really drained me out. Think were gonna try to go at least every other weekend. Always a fun time. Hope you all had a great weekend!! :)


  1. Love the pic of my baby girl! She's the reason I have arms of steel lol too bad my jigglys won't go away!! Once you have your baby your gonna get so used to holding them for hrs at a time.
    Oh and I feel like every girl alive has my size feet! Everytime I find cute shoes they never have my size 7.5!

  2. You guys always have fun filled weekends! Love all your pictures! I love going to the beach too ... now that Payton really loves it she keeps asking to go! =)