Monday, July 11, 2011

We Made It To Month # 2

I say "WE" but its really just Justin doing the hard work but I see it as I'm part of it too:) So today is J's start of month 2 of the academy. So far so good. He says that the hard part is really for another 2 months and then it will get easier. Theres already been people who have dropped out and I'm so very proud that Justin is doing so good in the academic part and the physical too. I know he was worried and always says hes bigger than a lot of the guys so he thought he was going to be on the  " FAT SQUAD" .. lol. They tact officers test every ones body fat and they pick individuals to be part of this squad and then these people have to report with their lunch everyday and the tact officers have to approve their lunch!! Can u believe that??? J is a big boy and I don't think he will ever be small like a lot of those boys but his body fat test results were good :)  Hes already lost like 15 pounds being in the academy and he looks so good!.. His muscles are getting bigger, his tummy is shrinking and honestly I don't want him to get smaller. I like my men to be manly men not small. Some of these guys in there look like lil shrimps. I always tell him do you really wanna look like that???? J is just too hard on himself . He was happy and beyond surprised that he was put in this Squad

I know hes already tired but J will not give up. I admire him so much for the determination he has & has so much fight in him there is no doubt in my mind now that he will make it till the end!! :)

Besides that its been the same ol same ol stuff.  This weekend was a very relaxing weekend. We had a triple date night  Friday night . Saturday we spent the day together then that night went bowling. It was so much fun:) Sunday we went to church, had lunch with J's parents, walked around the mall, did our usual Sunday thing. Hope you all  had a great weekend!

Doesnt he look so happy to be taking a pic?? haha

Visited my fave place the pet store:)
He was my Favorite!! :)



  1. I'm soooo behind on blogs! Congrats to J for making it to his 2nd month! Looks like you guys had a great time bowling! =) I LOVE the puppy store! We go every time because Pay is obsessed with dogs! =)

  2. Lol love the fat club story! Can't believe they check there lunches!