Tuesday, August 2, 2011


BLESSED to have a roof over my head
BLESSED to  have my good health
BLESSED to have an amazing family
BLESSED to have a beautiful man in my life
BLESSED to have a a great, but small group of friends who are ALWAYS there for me

Sunday night J and I attended church and I felt like God talked to me. There was a band there called FIREFLIGHT and I'm so happy I was there to see them. We usually attend church in the morning but it was so rainy we decided to sleep in and attend the night service and good thing we did. They sang a few songs and after one of the songs I started crying, and not just a tear I was balling like a baby. I'm not sure if it was because I felt the holy spirit or because if it was guilt. Guilt of not being the best person I know I can be.

As a child I went to church all the time. Twice on Sundays and even on Wednesdays. My father was a pastor in Corona for many years. When I started getting a bit older I started to resent my Dad  for making me go to church ALL the time. I hated it sometimes! Some Sundays I wanted to hang out with my friends but was not allowed to. By the time I turned 18 I stopped going all together. I went for special occasions and as the years went on I would attend every once in a while. Thank God Justin came into my life because as soon as we started dating we attend church very frequently. I'm ashamed of not being there for so long. I have many great memories of church and I think a lot of times I resented church because of fighting with my Father. I used to see him up there preaching and think how can you be up there preaching to be this way and you're different at home. FYI he wasn't a bad dad he was just VERY strict and Jennifer did not like that..lol

I'm thankful that I have a man that Loves God and wants to serve him. I hope to continue this tradition with our family when we get married because I think that's the way to raise your children.In church. I'm thankful to my parents for having me there every single week and I will try to be a better Christian because my heart feels much happier when I go..

Lately things haven't been so peachy. Not working very much, dad is still not working, some friends that I thought were my good friends are not, J and I weren't 100%... My friends always tell me you and J seem to never fight and always seem so happy. Don't get me wrong we are extremely happy together but we do fight, & we do fix things because we love each other and want to make it work. One thing I really love about Justin is that he never threatens me with a breakup. In my past relationship we would be back and forth all the time. That's the way I knew how to handle a fight. So when me and J would have an argument I would say "lets just not be togetehr then" and  he would say I don't play games and if you really want it to be over then its really over. So we never say those words anymore. Were not teenagers anymore so no time for the BS.

Overall I have to look at the glass half full and not half empty. Beyond BLESSED for a lot of things in my life and some things aren't perfect but I'm sure things will get better. Things can always be worse.. right?  Everyone has storms they go through and theres a mini one in parts of my life but I know that there's a rainbow soon to come:)



  1. Happy Tuesday to you too!!! Sorry things haven't been "peachy" lately for you ... but sounds like things are going good ... nobody has a perfect life ... I like your list at the top of your post, you are blessed. Every time I read your posts I think you are such a happy person with a great family, boyfriend & friends! Have a good week girl! =)

  2. You ARE def blessed.. Everybody has some tougher times (mine were the whole year of 2010) and somethimes you feel like you just can't catch a break.. Things are going to get better, this is just a rough patch.. And, as far as things with J, fighting or arguments are normal and healthy.. As long as you guys can come to a happy medium then you'll be fine.. I know how stressful life can be and sometimes we take our frustrations out on the ones we love without meaning to.. I hope everything starts to look up for you soon girly.. There is light at the end of the tunnel.. It just takes a while to get there :)

  3. Hi Jenn
    I found you thru SITS!
    I love your honesty and your blog!
    How wonderful that you found a job and that you have returned to your church.Have a great week!