Thursday, July 14, 2011

Like the Beatles Once Sang..... " All You Need IS Love"

Its been a rough week for me and my family but I'm happy to say that my Dad is not letting this hardship get him down. Hes very optimistic that God has something better in store for him and I'm very Happy that hes not letting this get him down!! Thank you everyone for your good thoughts and prayers.. It really means a lot to me. Were very lucky to have so many people praying for my Dad such as family, friends, church members.

The #1 person that has kept my spirits high is of course Justin! He knows that sometimes all you need is a text to make you feel better and that's the kind of man he is. The small things are what counts the most for me.

Im a very Old school kind of gal:) Love the Beatles!


  1. Sorry about your Dad's job, but so happy to hear he is staying positive! Happy thoughts his way! & Justin is such a good b/f ~ you are a lucky girl! xo

  2. ahhh so glad Justin is a great other half to you...and I'm happy to hear that your dad is keeping his spirits up! <3