Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some Things That made this Gal Happy This Week ♥

* Air is fixed- I cannot put into words how unbelievably happy I am that our AC is working again. I will never take it for granted again:)

*Lunch with Bfs Mom- On tuesday I had lunch with Donna.. Its just a very nice feeling knowing that my boyfriends mom approves of me. I know thats not the case in many cases and the cool thing is we really get along. We can spend the day together and have a good time. Shes a very giving, loving, and fabulous woman. She always makes me laugh too. Just a funny sense of humor:)

*My tan- I just cant stop looking at my legs..haha. They're so dark and I love it!!! Summer time makes me such a pretty color and it makes my skin feel so much softer from my face down to my footsies.

*My doggy- I hadn't been home much lately because of the air situation so I was at the bfs house and I really missed my lil boy Cody. Ive been squeezing him and probably bugging him too much this week..hehe

*Pay day-  Enough said:)

*Justin- Just cant get enough of this man. My boyfriend is the best man in the world.. I honestly don't know how he hadn't been nabbed yet when I caught He makes my days HAPPY:)

*Friends- This past weekend I got to spend time with friends and I'm glad I get to have time with them still. I know sometimes when you have a bf some girls don't make time for friends. I think its important because they're the ones who will  be there if it doesn't work out with your man and lets face it you cant talk to men about certain things:)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Tomorrow night J and I have a date night planned and were going to go watch my girl Jenn Aniston's new movie:) Cant wait!!!


  1. I love your list :) I agree that sometimes when your friends get bf's you don't see thema s often.. That drives me nuts.. Guys come and go, but girlfriends (the true ones) are here to stay.. I never wanted to be that girl that revolved her life around her man, and I think I've done a pretty good job at it.. I don't make plans based around his work schdule, or when he's going out.. I just make plans, and if he's off then I'll just see him later.. I need and love my girlfriends, and would never want to push them away :)

  2. You always make friend time. Your whole "tan" paragraph was a crack up! I love payday as well! Have a good weekend!