Sunday, May 1, 2011

Farewell To Friends & Gettin My Bootie In Shape:)

I had another fun, relaxing weekend. yayyy:) Friday we went out with friends. One of J's best friends Brian is moving to Georgia so J wanted to take them out to eat as kind of a farewell.  Justin was his best man in his wedding just a few months ago , and even though J doesn't say how much hes going to miss him I know he will. Boy's just don't get all emotional like us gals We Went to sushi out by their house in Costa Mesa and after we went to have some drinks. It was fun to hang out and just talk. We didn't get to hang out with Brian and his wife Melanie as much as we wanted to and I'm sad that now we wont be able to just call and say "lets hang ". J is already talking about us going to visit so I cant wait for that:) I sometimes wonder how people can just pick up their stuff and just say " I need a change " and just move. I admire them for being able to do that , because  you get to experience so many more different places but I know that I could never. I would never be able to leave my family.

Saturday J said he wanted to sleep in and I feel bad because around 6 am my allergies started acting up. Sneeze attack!! I had to get up a few times and get Kleenex, then medicine. I know he didn't get his good nights sleep like he wanted lol. Is anyone else having these allergy attacks??? Ive been getting them now for about 3 weeks. I absolutely hate them!! Later we went to watch FAST FIVE.. Omg, I LOVED IT!! At first I was just excited to see Paul Walker but I actually enjoyed the whole movie:) I give it 2 thumbs up. I later did some shopping with my sis .. I was on a hunt for a cute black blazer. I should have an interview either Mon or Tues and I really want this job so I wanted to dress a bit more professional. I found one at a fashion store by my house and it was only $17.. Totally scored! Plus its a blazer I can totally rock with jeans, a cute shirt and heels so that's good too. It was J's working weekend so Sat night I decided to go workout. I hadn't been to the gym alone yet, but I actually liked it more. I did an hour of cardio, and for me that's a big deal..haha. It felt good:) 

Sunday I woke up and decided to do a lil workout on my elliptical at home. I did 3.3 miles. The rest of the day I went to my grandmas house for a visit and then did some testing for a new temp agency. In about an hr ill go to the gym to do a lil more:) I hope this feeling of wanting to workout stays because after every workout I feel so good and I love trying on clothes and feeling nice in them. Its a change for me because I didn't feel like that before. Overall it was a good weekend. I hate not being being with  my hunny,  but its always nice to have some ME time too:)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

J and his besties

Awww..Gonna miss them:(

My eyes look a bit funny but o well

Love these!!!

Cody too:)

This pic is just funny to me

Silly sis

J made this for me last week. I know its on a paper towel but its still romantic to me..haha:) P.s Don't ya just love his nickname for me?.lol


  1. Hey Girl! Sounds like a relaxing weekend! Your pup is sooo cute!!! Brian is moving???? That will be fun for you guys to go visit them. I wouldn't be able to up & move either ... I'm a Momma & Daddy's girl so I wouldn't move unless they did. Hope you have a great week!

  2. I love paul walker!! and I love yogurt parfaits!! I'm addicted!!! And im so proud of you for going to the gym by youself!

  3. @ Barbie- haha proud of me? aww ur so funny!

    @Tawni- Yep hes leaving on Wed I think. Im totally a Mommy and Daddys girl too :)