Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Feeling BLAH!!!!!!!!!!

Last week, and I mean all week I was feeling sooo BLAh! Not sure what was wrong with me:( I had allergies, was feeling sick. I didn't workout all week , I just had absolutely no motivation. I guess it was just one of those feeling bad for myself kind of weeks lol.  This week I'm feeling better though, and I think its because I had a good weekend.

We spent the weekend in Vegas & State line and the most fun! Justin gets free rooms there so we decided to go with a few friends and just have a relaxing weekend. On Sunday we celebrated Easter with  both our families and that was an awesome way to end our weekend. Ive also got to spend the past 5 days with Justin so that has changed my mood from BLAH to Happy:) hes just has that way!!!

Justin had his psychlogical interview/test yesterday and physical today for his Deputy Sheriff Academy and now that's the last part:) Everything is looking good, so if everything else goes the way hes expecting he should be starting the academy in mid June. I'm feeling very anxious, excited, nervous, for him. I just know the 6 months hes in it is going to be very hard but hes optimistic that in the end it will be good for him so I will support him in whatever he thinks is good.

Now on to my job search.. Still no luck so Ive decided that If I don't get one int he next month or so I'm going to have to go to Target or something like that. I don't really want to do that and wanted an office job like my others but nothing is coming up and I cant be too choosy!  Hoping something will change soon though.

Today I'm getting back into my workout mode! I feel fat and I know summer is right around the corner and I'm so disappointed in myself and how bad Ive been doing. Yesterday I drank 4 cokes!!!! Omg:(  I got another free pass to 24 and this time its for 2 weeks. I'm going to see how cheap they will be willing to sign me up for a pass because I really want to sign up. I  mean as long as I'm not working I should be doing something productive:)

Anyways, just a lil recap of my life so far. Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend and looking forward to catching up on your blogs soon:)

One of the coolest things we did :)

Love him!!


Love my new case J bought for me:)

State line

EASTER at my house:)

Hope you all had a great EASTER!! :)


  1. So glad you had a great weekend! Tell Justin I said good luck! I am sure he will do fine. It will be stressful...BUT so worth it!!!

    If it makes you feel better...I cannot stay away from sweets!

  2. I really like that pic of Justin with that DC shirt..he looks like hes in deep thought lol and I really like your fedora hat!! Ive been looking for 1

  3. Hey ... thanks for stopping by my blog! =) I don't know what the heck was up with my blog the other night ... This is the 2nd time mine has gotten whacky on me!? Anyway ... looks like Vegas was a BLAST!!!! How fun! Good luck to Justin & good luck to you job hunting! Hope everything turns out perfect for you both! =) Have a good weekend! =)