Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Blah Blah Blah Post

Soooo.. Its been a couple weeks since Ive blogged. Haven't really felt like it. A couple reasons why. The main reason is I just haven't had alot to write about. he he:) Theres another reason to but don't feel like boring you all with it. I'm debating on stopping my blog. Just feeling like I need a lil more privacy:) Ill decide soon what I'm gonna do about that.
On to some other stuff..
Had some interviews lately , joined a couple more agencies. Hoping Ill have something soon.. Meanwhile I'm enjoying my time off and working out as much as I can. I cant seem to get lower than 123. Ill do really good then the weekend will come and Ill eat something bad:( Sucks that just by a couple bad foods a week I stay at the same weight even when working out!! I even cut my alcohol intake out by a bit too..lol

I'm very excited this week because Justin and I leave for Palm Springs for a couple days on Thursday:) I'm looking forward to enjoying some rays,a cocktail or 2, and having some romantical time with my hunny:) He took Thursday and Friday off so I get to see him 5 days in a row.YIPPEE!!!! Anyways just a small post.. Ill see if I have some other stuff to write about but for now this is it. Ill have a weekend posts with some pics next week. Ill make sure to catch up on your blogs very soon too:)

P.s Got a cutie new Bathing Suit from Victoria's Secret. Not very excited bout my beach bod yet but excited to have a new suit and some new summer clothes:)

Love this suit and love that this color make s me look sooo dark:)


  1. Love the new suit!!! 123?! JEALOUS!!!! I am a solid 57 pounds heavier than you right now...although I am 8 months prego, but still! And from the other pics I have seen your body is looking pretty smokin'. Hope you and Justin have fun in Palm Springs. :)

  2. Hey girl! Hope you & Justin have a great time in Palm Springs ~ Sounds like so much fun! Love your new bathing suit! Don't get rid of your blog, love reading your updates even if they aren't often. =)

  3. Thanks Guys!!! Hope yo had a great weekend nad i thnk ill keep my blog for a while. :)

  4. i hope a big wave hits you and ur new suit falls off and a big fish swims off with it !