Sunday, May 22, 2011

Palm Springs & some Weekend Fun!!!

This is going to be a long post so hopefully you all enjoy:)

So J's mom hooked us up with 2 free nights at Agua Caliente Resort/Casino in Palm Springs.. we left Thursday morning and stayed till Saturday. When we got there I couldn't believe how nice of a casino it was. Usually casinos smell so bad of smoke and aren't so nice to me. This one was so clean and didn't reek of smoke so that was a super PLUS for me. The room was BEAUTIFUL.. I loved it!! The bed was huge, the bath tub was huge and it was just very nice. When we go to State line the rooms there are so blahhhh and nothing really special to them so I really happy when I saw this room..

On our way
Comfy Bed:)

We really enjoyed the tub..

After we relaxed in the room for a bit we got ready and headed over to the pool. We laid out, got our tan on and enjoyed some fruity cocktails. If i could lay out by the pool everyday I soo would. My fave thing to do!
So Ive always heard people make fun of "WINE IN A Box" but i loved it! It lasted us our whole trip and was so good too and less than $10..haha

This is the Life!!:)

My cutie pie


He forgot his shades in the

On Sat we decided to fill up our water bottles with wine so we could save some $$.. Bright idea:)

Saturday night we went to dinner at CPK and then walked around downtown Palm Springs. They had a festival going on and had all kinds of stands with different kinds of food and a band and cool things to buy too. Really fun to just people watch and look at all the cool stores and stands. After walking around for a bit we went back to the casino and did some gambling and went to the bar for a bit. I was tired pretty tired early.. I think because of the sun so we headed up to the room.

Loved my pizza. It was delicious

My yummy Mojito

What a cutie patootie I have:)

Enjoying some wine b4 dinner


Friday was pretty much the same during the day. We gambled, pool, and a nap.

J taking his nap. Don't know why but he always falls asleep with his hand down his pants. HILARIOUS!!!

Friday night we went to dinner at a really nice Mexican restaurant downtown. I loved it. We sat on the patio and enjoyed our dinner .. After dinner we went back to the room.. I retouched my makeup, put my dancing shoes on and headed to this lounge/club thing they had in the casino. They had a live band and a DJ so it was really fun. I'm known to make friends everywhere I go and I made friends with a couple and invited them to sit with us because there were no seats left. We talked and danced all night long!! I was pretty happy because I hadn't fallen all weekend but of course I did in the middle of the dance floor that night.. Haha.. Justin freaked up and was like " are u ok?!?!".. I just jumped back up and kept I'm used to falling all the time. My legs just give out on me all the time. So no biggie..

I got Shrimp enchiladas. Real good:)

Practicing his dance moves..haha

 So I don't wear my hair down often because right now its hard to style ..J begged me to wear my hair down  that night, so i did for him.. He loves it down and I just feel funny.. P.s my roots are real bad now. Need to get my hair did soon:)

Our new friends Erika & Bobby:) Real nice people

So all in all we had a fun time.. Loved our mini vacay together and I'm so happy I have a fun Bf.. Hes always up for a good time and we always have them most fun together even when its just the two of us.:)

Dontcha love J's luggage??.. hehe.

Bye Bye Palm Springs!!!

I'm pretty sure J will get free rooms there soon because he spent quite a bit on gambling..I cant wait to go back!!!

Saturday night we went to Miguel's and met up with like 6 of our buddy's. We had a grreat time!! After Miguels we went to Mill creek and got our dance on AGAIN.. 

Kayla, Me, Shann, & Alex.. The boys were busy watching Sports of course..

Sunday we woke up early and went to Church.. After church we ate lunch and took like a 2 hour nap. Im extremely exhausted and I'm pretty sure I gained like 5 pounds this weekend!! I feel so gross right Anyways hope you all had  a great weekend !!! Ta Ta for now:)


  1. Looks like fun!!! I LOVE your hair down! Well, you look cute both ways of course but I really like it down too! That room looks nice and it sounds like the weather was perfect-score! Justin's gonna kill you for that pic with his hand down his pants lol!! I say keep the posts long with lots of pics! Glad you had a nice little getaway!

  2. Im jealous of all your food and i hope you feel fat !!

  3. Fun fun! Looks like a great time! You guys are so cute together, glad you are so happy! xoxo