Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Two Tuesday...

These 2 accessories have made me very happy this week:

1.  My mom bought me a cute leopard wallet about 3 years ago and about a month later I lost it :(  When I got a new car a couple yrs back I gave my sis my old Honda. Last week she went to get her stereo fixed and guess what they found????? MY WALLET!!! I guess it was lodged underneath something. I swear I looked and looked for the wallet forever.  I was so excited when she gave it to me. Especially  because after I thought I lost it I went back to my old GUESS wallet and it was all ripped up. So... SCORE!!! Got me a new wallet now..haha

Love it!!! I'm a leopard FREAK!

2. My boyfriends Mom is one of the nicest ladies I know. Shes always buying me stuff or trying to give me stuff she has that's BRAND NEW.. lol I'm very lucky that she loves me soo much! :) Her friend gave her a brand new 7 For All Mankind purse and  she gave it to me.. I wish it was a bit smaller so I could wear it out but it has come in handy to be my overnight bag, and I need one every weekend practically so another SCORE!!! :) THANKS DONNA!!!!


Just a thought of mine: So i was watching Jerseylicious with my sis last night, and it made me think of something. The episode was about them having treatments in the salon such as lip plumper's, botox, laser crap things for your face. It was just so sad to me how many people do that. Even young woman. This world has become so VAIN and everyone is fake now.. I could never let anyone do that to my face. It looks gross too! In your 20s and getting all this crap done to your face and body??? Just imagine what you're gonna be doing in your 40's haha.. I think about getting my boobs done but Ill wait till after a kid. I just  get worried they will be too big because that's definitely not what I want. Big fake boobs are so ugly and everyone knows theyre fake. Just makes you look like a bimbo.. Just my opinion.. Anyways just a lil thought. Happy Tuesday!


  1. That's so awesome they found your wallet! And that purse is super cute! Lucky girl to have such a nice "soon to be" mother in law ;) I've never seen Jerseylicious BUT on the topic of plastic surgery ... Of course I'd love to have something done one of these days ... but I will def. wait till after I am done with having all my kids for the boobs & all the other stuff will come later in life when & if I truly need it. My hubby is against all of it, he thinks it's stupid & he tells me I don't need any of it ever. So we will see if it ever happens for me. Yea it's crazy that girls are getting it done so early now! But everybody is entitled to do what they want with their own body & if that's what the need to feel good, then that's what they'll do. Right? Anyway Happy Wednesday thanks for the comment on my post from yesterday! xoxo

  2. Ya everyone is entitled.. its their body:) I just think that its sad that now a days everyone is just trying to be a certain way.. It was much more simple in the ol days..Haha. It will prob get worse as the years go by. Don't think I could ever do anhyhting to my face cause I would be afraid I wouldn't look like ME anymore but def gonna have/to get those boobies. He he.. thanks for the comment.)