Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week/Weekend Recap

This week there was some good/bad. My job is coming along good, I'm learning everything and getting used to my daily duties:) On Tuesday I have mandatory overtime so that day I stayed till 8:00 at night. Omg i had to keep reminding myself OVERTIME=more$$$$$$$$$$$$. Plus the stuff that I'm inputting makes the extra hours go by fast. By the time I got home it was 830 so i did a quick workout, ate half a soup can and fell asleep.

Wednesday I was happy  because I knew after work I would get to see Justin. The day just goes by nicer and I'm more happy when I know I'm going to see his face. Went to his house, hung out and was feeling a lil funny. My throat was starting to hurt and i started to get worried because I felt like i was going to get sick. I took some Airborne and went to bed hoping id feel better in the morning.

Went to work Thursday and felt OK, just my throat hurting a lil. By like 330 I was starting to feel dizzy and sick to my stomach.. I knew it was coming!!!! Stopped at Rite Aid, got meds and went home. As soon as I got home I started with the chills. I swear it was like as soon as I entered my house.I put  my pj's on,took NyQuil and got into bed by 5. That was an awful evening /night. I couldn't sleep, i kept shivering, then i would get hott.. Just Awful!!! I got up to eat a lil something and I got so dizzy I felt like I was gonna fall, then after that i had to run tot he bathroom because I had to throw up..ewwwww!!! Went back to bed and woke up like twice to throw up some more:( My boss told me the day b4 because at work our slow days are Thurs & Fri that I shouldn't worry about coming in Fri because she wants me healthy for Monday.

I went in anyways bright and early for a few hours just to show her that I was trying:) Friday night .. I put some sweats on, threw my hair up, no makeup, went to Justin's and we got some Miguels and just watched some TV. I though I would be passed out b4 him but he was out by 11 lol . My poor boy is always tired, he works so much and only hs 1 full day off every 2 weeks:(  I stayed up to watch my fave show FRIENDS and sometime in the episode I passed out too.. I had some very, very good much needed sleep.

 Woke up Sat and had a bad headache, ughhh man i felt like everything was wrong with me!! Justin got up got me some medicine & a coca cola:) He left to get a haircut and do a couple errands while I got ready. We were supposed to go shopping but I wasn't in the mood. I couldn't believe it. I must of been sick if I would pass up a shopping trip. I'm always in the mood to  We intended to go to Nordstroms so I could spend my Valentines gift from him but I just wasn't feeling it. Went to Target, then out for some sushi. Justin works every other Sat so this Saturday I was with out him:( I stayed in watched TV, did some laundry..

Some snuggle time b4 he left for work. My face still looks a bit sick.haha
My Sunday pretty much looked like this:
Watched TV most of the day with Cody

Watched dirty dancing again(watched it the night b4 too)haha
Did some laundry & now I'm just chillaxing.  Some friends wanted to do Brunch but I'm still not feeling 100% so I know champagne wont help it and I have work tomorrow. So brunch will have to wait.  Its just me and my sis at home today so shes makin me dinner :) The parents are out for the night In Santa Barbra. Love how my parents are still romantical with eachother lol.
Not many pictures this post because I didn't look so hott but maybe next weekend:)


  1. Ughhh being sick is the pits! I hope you're feeling much better & get through the week healthy :)

  2. EWWWW.... girl.. I've been icky sick just like that all week.. it sucks.. felt so much better today but still feeling poopy.. so I feel ya!! P.S. I love Dirty Dancing.. one of my all time favorite movies!!! :)