Thursday, February 3, 2011

Completely Frustrated

Lately I’ve been feeling like this:

 About my whole job search.. I’m absolutely & utterly frustrated with the way things are going in that department of my life. I used to get so excited after interviews because they seem to really like me; I feel like I answered everything great and then no responseL Can someone throw me a bone already???  In the past few months I’ve been on several interviews, been to many temp agencies, and still nothing. I feel like I would do so well in some of these places I apply with, and they still don’t want me. I cry and cry because I’m so frustrated and I just want something to change. I know I’m throwing myself a pity party right now but who cares this is my damn blog haha..  This is just has a huge pause on my life right now. I know as soon as that job thing changes a lot of things are going to be different and those are the things that keep me going. I know God has his time for everything but I’ve felt myself getting mad at him and I know he knows why. So sorry GodJ

I’m glad I have people who support me like my parents & Justin. Justin is always the best!! He always makes me feel better. Its like he has the most faith in me and I have never felt that much support from anyone. That’s what makes me love him soo  much.

Anyways a lil prayer would be greatly appreciated & hopefully soon Ill have a post that looks like this:


  1. Ah Jenn that's gotta be tough, I hate to sometimes have to accept the whole "all in God's time" but he probably has something great lined up for you & you don't even know it...I'll have my fingers crossed for ya!
    Happy Friday

  2. Oye! I know how you feel.. I went thru the same thing when I was job hunting.. I know it's frustrating, but everything happens for a reason.. I hope something pops up for you soon.

  3. Hey Jenn! Don't get discouraged! Keep pluggin along there is something out there for you! Maybe not my place, but i can't help but wonder every time I think about you and the job thing... have you ever thought about cosmetology school? You seem to love make-up and whenever I see you I am in awe of your skills! I keep meaning to ask you to teach me how to do my make-up lol! You could do hair and make-up and I bet you'd love it and you can be your own boss! I have a couple fiends who are hairdressers and they love it, make awesome money, and now that they are moms they are able to cut back on their days, take vacation when they want. etc. I can soooo see you doing that! Just a thought...
    I'll be praying for ya to find a job- I know it's tough. :( So sorry girl!

  4. Thanks guys..:) Jamie- your so sweet. I think I would be horrible at I dont like doing makeup on others and cutting hair scares me .lol Most of the time I dont even know what im doing with mine but glad im pulling it off:) Think im just gonna take some night classes to add to my resume. Hopefully something will come up soon

  5. Im so glad you found a job Jen!!! No more being mad at god! lol your so funny!