Friday, February 25, 2011

Finally Friday!!!

So it’s Friday & you would think I would be more excited but I’m not .I’m pretty much just excited to sleep! All week Ive been looking forward to the weekend to go have a nice glass of wine or nice cold Corona, but I dont feel so hott today so it will have to wait. Justin came over last night, we went to golden spoon then came back to my casa to watch American Idol. All day my face had been real hot and blotchy..ewww By the time he came over I started feeling shivery again! Another fever all night.  Like I said b4 I'm like a baby when I'm sick. My Mom took care of me all nightJ Sometimes all you want & need is your Mama. She checked in on me every couple hrs, wiped me down (I was all sweaty), and gave me meds. Today I have no fever but I feel very, very weak. Doesn’t help that I'm at work today & BORED.. I knew Thurs & Fri would be my slow days but man the day goes by soo slow.. After work I plan on going straight to J’s, going to get a new phone, and then just relaxing and letting J take care of me. Tomorrow I want to shop but lets see if I feel better. We have plans to have dinner tomorrow night with his family so that should be funJ Hope all of you have a great weekend & pray I feel better..I hate being sicky!!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! I'm the same way with being sick ... I'm a baby & Will trys to help me, but I always just say "I want my Mom!" LoL And he always says "well then drive to her house, I'm just trying to help you!" Haha It's not the same babe, Mom's just know what to do. ;) Have a good weekend.

  2. You poor thing sick again! Flu struck our house... only Bailey so far. Let me tell you, it's so miserable watching her sick and weak. She was with my mom that day, thank God, and when I heard she'd been throwing up you should have seen how fast my car flew to her! I'm sure your mom is glad to take care of you, I'm sure it doesn't get any easier seeing your baby sick! Bai kept saying "Sickies go away, make Bailey feel better" (something my mom was saying with her)! I'm glad it's over for you- hopefully for good this time. Maybe that was your headaches. :(
    Can't wait to hang with you guys tonight :)

  3. I hope you feel better!

    Get your shop on girl!

  4. Golden spoon is the best!!

    And Jenn you're doing so well at posting consistently. I love your life! xxx