Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Happs...

So 1st off I want to say that I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayyy for me :) Not sure how much blogging I'm going to do now so getting 1 in before I start. I got called Friday afternoon right after I cried with my mom & J. I for sure thought I wasn't going to get it because she said she would let me know by Thursday night so I was very surprised when they let me know they liked me and I got it. Ill be working in Norco which is not too far from my house so I'm happy about that too. I start tomorrow so I'm hoping I like it. 1 thing that sucks is almost every Tuesday I have mandatory overtime but I guess in a way its a good thing too. More $$:)

Weekend Recap-

Friday-J has been sick, but said he was feeling better so he wanted to take me out to eat for a congratulatory dinner. I picked Sushi because I  had been craving it again. We went to that same Sushi place and it was again so yum. We then just went back to the house and just watched TV and went mi mis. My boy needed his rest.

Saturday-  J called in sick to rest a lil more so he could feel 100%. He said he wanted to go walking around the mall so of course I  gladly agreed;) We walked around the mall, browsed a bit , went out to lunch, bought a few things then headed back. Did a little bike riding after and enjoyed the sunset with my handsome.. My Dad then called and said he had bought a new car. I could tell he was excited and wanted us to come see it so we said we would come see. After a visit with my parents, and an ice cream run we headed back to J's.  We played "Trouble" and I kicked his bootie. I told him every time he lost he would have to do a  funny dance and he wouldn't do it!!! He said he was So i got up and started dancing around and after a few nudges he did too and he wouldn't stop..haha:) We have to most fun being dorks.

Sunday- Church, lunch and watched part of the Superbowl with J. Now I'm at home washing clothes and getting ready for tomorrow. I'm very anxious, nervous and just ready for the 1st day to be over so I know what its all about.  Thanks everyone for the well wishes:)  Hope all of you had a great weekend too!!!

Few pictures from the weekend:


  1. Yea congratulations on the job! Your close by we should do lunch sometime!

  2. Happy first day on the job! I hope you like it I'm sure you'll do great...great weekend photos you are too cute on your pink bike, luv it...I kinda want a yellow one :)

  3. Jen we have the exact same bike!!!! lol I could never go bike riding with you cuz it would be embarrasing hahaha

  4. haha.. Barbie its Justins moms bike.. Im gonna get one soon, but I want a basket too..:)