Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some things that made me HAPPY & NOT so HAPPY this week


  1. Having a job again- I’m just so freakin happy I have one & I enjoy it. On my last post I said I already learned most of it but I spoke too soon lol. I’m learning more everyday and my boss told me I’m going to be learning a lot more stuff too. Its a lot to learn but with practice I’m sure Ill be good.
  2. My date night with J on Wednesday-  I missed him so much. I feel like I hadn’t given my boy kisses in forever. He wouldn’t kiss me all last weekend because he didn’t want to get me sick lol. So as soon as I saw him I gave a huge, wet smackaroo hehe;)
  3. Pandora Radio- I love it. I have it on at work and I have it on my love song station and pop hits. Just love listening to music, it makes the day go by and it’s very enjoyable.
  4. ENJOY Creamy Pomade- Its my hair savior. I have so many little baby hairs all the time, it keeps them tamed all day. I love it!!
  5. Casual  dress days at work- I can wear whatever I want except Wednesday when its business casual. So today I wore a t-shirt, jeans & uggs. So comfy:)
  6. Finishing my Valentines gift for J- Ill post some pics on Monday of some cute things I got. Not sure if he reads my blog all the time so don’t want to spoil the surprise.
  7. Hot Baths- I was having a bad night last night so I closed the door got in the tub and just cried. Sometimes you just feel much better after a good cry. My alone time in there was necessary last night.
  8. Meeting new people- I’ve met a lot of new people this week. And enjoyed it very much. Been awhile since I have been in a office where there’s so many people
  9. DVR-Some of my shows are on when I'm gone and some are on when I'm in bed so I'm happy that they're there for me to watch later. My General hospital,Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, BGC & you get to fast forward commercials & I love love that!!
  1. Piece of crap phone- the past week my phone has been shutting off out of nowhere. In the middle of texts, when I’m trying to answer phone calls. So damn annoying!!! Getting a new 1 payday
  2. Not seeing Justin as much as I’m used to- This week I got to see Justin Wednesday so far. I’m used to seeing him every Thursday too but I was just too tired I wanted to get home and take care of some things and he had errands too. I know its just one day difference but I dont get to see him everyday so I try to see him every chance I get. I’m excited were spending the whole weekend together though:)
  3. Early mornings- I’ve been a lazy ass for months now, sleeping in everyday. I’m going to miss it.
  4. Living at the parent’s house- I love them and im thankful they let me stay here but this week has been non-stop fighting with my Dad and arguments with my sis. Can’t wait to get married and move out!!! Justin better hurry ;) They do say absence makes the heart grow fonder right??? I just need my space and not everyone is my bizness all the time
  5. Not working out as much as im used to- this week I have only worked out once. I plan to do so again tonight. I’ve just been tired when I get home and going to bed early. Never thought I would ever say that I miss working out, but I do. I love the way I feel after and this week I’ve felt like a fatty. I’m sure as I get used to my daily schedule again Ill have more energy.
This weekend were celebrating Valentines Day:) Im excited to go to dinner & a movie and just have some special time with Justin and celebrating our Love.. I know its mushy but what can i say IM HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE!!!

Hope all of you have a great weekend:)


  1. Good lists Jenn :) I'm glad you're liking your new job.. Have a great weekend with Justin :)

  2. My phone before the Droid X was shutting off mid texts too... the LG ENVY2 ugh..but the Droid is an awesome phone if you end up going with that one it won't dissapoint.

    It is so hard to muster up energy to work out when you work full time I so know what you mean.

    I don't get to see D every day either & I try to do all my errands & chores when he's working so we can enjoy eachother when he's off.

    It stinks to have rotten days & yes sometimes you gotta cry it out! I hope your weekend is great xo

  3. I have the Voyager..Ive had like 6 of them already lol. It sucks not being able to see the bf everyday but i think thats what makes me love love all the time we do have together:) Have a great weekend too:)

  4. Jen you always tell me about your fights and you havent this week..I feel like you having a job has taken you away from me lol..Seriously I told Luis I feel sad that we havent been talking to eachother this week :(

  5. This is probably my fav post so far!!

    I'm so glad that you are a working woman now. A hot bath and a good cry can sometimes be the best. I'm so anxious to move out too, but I don't know if I'm really ready.

    Hope you have a good Valentine's Weekend!

  6. ok, I'm back with questions and comments!! LOL.. I'm glad ur liking the new job :) and I totally dig casual dress days.. I'm the only one in my office at most times so I can basically wear whatever I want :) Pandora is the bizness!!!! keeps me entertained in my lonely office all day :) and this creamy pomade you speak of... let me know brand and where I can pick it up.. because my fly aways are crazy wild!! LOL..