Monday, August 8, 2011

11 Things That made me Happy This Past Week:)

1. Job Interview- It had been awhile since I got a call back from applying EVERYWHERE. I had an interview in Corona on Friday and I think I did real good but there were so many applicants there so you never know. It just felt good to walk out of there knowing I did a good job even if I don't get it.

On my way to interview.. Excuse the

2. Night out- J and I went out for a friends bday on Saturday and had a blast!! We danced to an 80's band and then the DJ and had the most fun!

Ready for a night out

Me with the Bday Girl Cherry:)

3. My doggy Cody- This week I didn't get to see J for 4 days! Soooooo Cody kept me company a lot:) Hes almost 11 years old and still has the funnest personality.. Just love him so much:)


4. Shopping- My mom was off on Friday so we made a  trip to Victoria Gardens where my sis works at a bathing suit shop.. I got 2 new suits, shoes, and few more things.. Score!!! Oh.. and a nice lunch with my sis and Mom

Love my new shoes, and top:)
New beach bag:)
Hott day while shopping.. This kept me cool:)

5.Getting my hair done- My hair is sooo naturally dark and I usually like it done light so when my roots grow out its not a very pretty sight so I was very happy to have it looking nice again. She also thinned out my  hair on the bottom so I can try to wear it down more:) So far so good.. Lovin my new hair!

My new hair:)

6.Bridesmaids dress for Besties wedding is in!

7. Justin- Everyday I realize just how much more I fall in love with this man. I'm reminded every time were together how blessed we are to have each other.. Hes my best friend and he makes this girl very, very HAPPY:)
<3 Sad I'm not smiling but this pic is still cute to me..

8.Church- We went to church last night with J's family and it was great:)

9- Beach day- Spent most of the day yesterday at the Beach riding bikes, laying out, eating:)

10- My TV Shows- I cant believe how many shows I LOVE to watch. I'm They make me happy though:)

11- Exercise- Got me a new pair of shoes at Nordstroms Rack to try to start running on the treadmill more. My old  shoes would hurt my toes:(  I broke them in last week and they feel good. Hopefully now I can start running more and maybe start to like it..haha

My new Kicks
All these pics are from my Phone.. My camera is pretty much broken:( Its hanging in there with tape wrapped all around it so I'm afraid to take it out.. I'm supposed to get a new one for my bday so hopefully I do get one so i can have it for VEGAS:)


  1. Love the list.. Love both pairs of shoes you got too :) Good luck with the job hunt!!

  2. Love your new running shoes, super cute!!! & your new hair cut! Well .... your whole list! =) Hope you are having a good week! XoXo

  3. Love Love the top!! And the fact that you picked up your dress and super happy you got the job!!