Wednesday, August 17, 2011

As HAPPY As a Kid In A Candy Store..:) He he

Its going to be a small post because its almost bed time for me.. I ended up getting the job  I interviewed for last week..Yayy:) So far so good and I have every Friday off too!!! I working four, 10 hour days but having a 3 day weekend definitely makes up for it. Still getting used to the early mornings ( I start at 6:30) but I'm sure Ill get used to it.  Oh, and it takes me no longer than 20 min to get there and back:) Thanks to everyone who sent good lucks and texts.. Hope you all are having a great week and on my day off Ill be catching up on your blogs.. Here's a couple pics of the weekend:)

I had my besties bridal shower on Sunday so hopefully she gets on it and sends me pics of that too soon because all I had was my phone..

Loved this pic but J messed it

Citrus City:)

My other half<3

Bestie & I

I'm a maid! yayyy:) P.s Dontcha love my kitty cat dress? lol


  1. Hi Jenn! There you are! I've been wondering what happened to you ... but now I know ... CONGRATS on the new job! That's awesome! Sounds like it's a great job. Cute pictures!

  2. YAY!!!! im back!!!!!! By the way I love you and Jess for putting together my bridal shower!!!!