Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Weekend

Fri night was low key.. J and I went to MIGUEL'S, then I shaved his head :(( for the academy he has to have it short) , then TV , then mi mis time.

Saturday morning we found out J's brother had his baby! They named her Zoe Marie. Was actually very happy to hear they named her that because J said that if we ever had a girl he wanted the middle name to be after his moms middle name which is Marie. I didn't really want it to be because that's his exes name So thanks Rich & Jamie for naming her that so now I can name our future baby something else..hehe:)

Saturday night we went to J's friends Steve and Becky's house for a party..  We had a great time. I always love hanging out with these group of people. They re the most fun!! :)
His bald My bra out too.. oh well!


Dancing time

No explanation

My hurr is getting so long. Getting it done this week.. FINALLY:)


Gettin low


Today J's family had a BBQ and that was yummy, then we took our usual Sunday nap. Tonight is J's last weekend of work!! :) I'm so happy. Looking forward to having our Sunday beach days. Hope you all had a great weekend and that's all for now...


  1. I know how ya feel about the shaving of the head. Mike shaved his for the fire academy in 2006...he hasn't grown it out since! I get so sad and try to get him to but he will not. He always says shaving his head is so much cheaper. blah! Looks like you had a fun weekend....

  2. Looks like u guys had soooo much fun!

  3. You looks super cute in yellow! So glad that you and J will spend every weekend together!

  4. @ Janalin- I like J beter WITH hair but the baldness isnt really that big of a deal to me anymore but I will make him grow it as soon as hes done..haha:)

    Thanks Barbie & Shann for the comment:)