Friday, June 17, 2011

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week...

1. Working out- This week I worked out 4Xs.. :) Yayyy me! I weighed myself yesterday morning and back to my normal weight. I had gained 3 pounds the past 2 weeks and i felt fat!

2. Having a dinner date with J on Wednesday- We went to Applebees and i ordered a yummy steak dinner and it was only 500 calories.. That's going to be my new meal there now

3. Getting things done- I had the day off Thursday and it felt nice to get so much stuff done I was lagging on. One thing esp. was cleaning my room. It was so dusty and messy. I spent like 3 hours cleaning it and now it looks beautiful:)

4.Working- Its just nice to have a job right now. I get paid next week too so that feel real good too

5. Eating healthier- I must say I did real good this week. I had Subway 3xs and ate alot of chicken. I'm looking forward to having a cheat day either tonight or tom:)

6. Words With Friends- I'm addicted.. I love it! Ive gotten so much better than when I first started. I used to feel real stupid playing before...haha

7. My Boyfriend- This week he has been EXTRA mushy with me. I mean hes always nice and sweet but this week was over the top.. He said that being in the academy makes him miss me more. Awwww... I LOVE HIM! :)

8. Getting my Bridesmaid dress for my Besties wedding- I went today to get it. Its super cute and cant wait till October 1st to be part of my Besties big day:)

9. My TV Shows- This week was alot of catching up on my shows. A new show I'm really enjoying is Teen Wolf on MTV.. I love it! It reminds me of like a Vampire Diaries or even True Blood( my #1 fave show)

10. My sis doing my nails- She decorated my nails with cute polka dots. So now they don't look so plain:) Thanks Sis!

Messy Room!

Clean Room-:)

Blondie & Baldy.. he he:)

Just a few things that made me happy this week. This weekend is Fathers day and I'm excited to see my Nane( Grandpa) tomorrow for breakfast at Mimi's Cafe ( LOVE IT), and spending some time with my Dad Sunday. Also excited to be with J.. Hope you all have a great weekend!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!



  1. I love reading people's "Happy Lists" ... they make me smile the whole time ... I will have to start doing this! Yay for working out 4x this week ... that's awesome! I wish I had the motivation to do that ... Payton keeps me on my feet though ... so I count that as part of working out LoL You & Justin are so cute together ~ from all your posts & pictures you two seem so perfect & happy together, that's awesome =) & I have been watching Teen Wolf too! I watch it, but not too sure that I love it ... nothing (to me) compares to Vampire Diaries ... never seen True Blood! & of course I love Twilight BUT Damon & Stefan are sooooooo freaking HOT hahaha I love that show ... the whole cast is HOT actually! LoL Anyway enjoy your Father's Day weekend! xo

  2. I bet having a kid is enough exercise.:) I think the show reminds me of Vampire diaries because I think the girl in teen wolf is going to find out hes a wolf and still love him just like Elena is with Stefan:) The guys are super cute! Justin and I are pretty great together, we just fit together PERFECTLY:) We hardly ever fight and everyting is just really easy with us which is a great feeling.Thanks for the comment! Hope u have a great Fathers Day weekend also:)

  3. I love that your tv shows make you smile cuz mine do too lol luis says I'm a dork because of it. Now I can tell him your a dork too! Thanks for getting your dress. I'm so excited my wedding is sooooo soon!