Thursday, June 30, 2011

This & That..

Been a bad blogger lately. Haven't been home much and been real busy. The weekend was great spent with J and had some friend time last week and this week and work in between. Here's a few pictures of last week and this week. Enjoy:)

Enjoying the sun last week with my friend Alex:)

She made me a yummy Margarita:)

Her new puppy Cash. I love him so much already..he he:)

Magic Mountain

Took my camera on the fun!

Eating lunch. Bought a new shirt because I was so sweaty and getting tan lines= no bueno!

End of the day= Sweaty Mess!!! haha

So last week I finally decided that my bday in September will be spent in LAS VEGAS.. Wohoooo!!! I made hotel reservation already too so its OFFICIAL.  I'm a bit sad that J cant  go because he will still be in the academy and probably have to be doing reports, studying, etc..  Plus our 2 year Anniversary is the following weekend so I'm hoping we can do something fun then:) We have made it a girls trip  and I'm soo excited!! September cant come soon enough.

Hope you guys have a great Holiday weekend and Ill be back


  1. Looks like you had a "fun in the sun" kind of week!

  2. I did Shann..Im super dark right now:)