Friday, April 8, 2011

I love You Friday!!! :)

So we finally got our computer back! This week Ive been using my aunts computer for my job searching. No luck yet but I'm hopeful something will come up soon. Anyways here's some pics of last weekend, and a couple from during the week.

Finally got to wear my dress Friday
 We went to the Cheesecake factory Friday night in Victoria Gardens. After dinner we walked around for a while and just enjoyed the pretty weather :)

Saturday I went with my bff Barbie and Jessica to look for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses. She found the ONE!!! :) I was soo excited every time she tried on a dress, but when she walked out with this one I knew it was it. I cant wait till its my turn. The whole planning of the wedding just sounds so fun to do:)

THE DRESS!! Can you believe she just had a baby 6 weeks ago?? crazzyy:)

Our bridesmaid dress but its going to be in a purple color and ill  have to make mine a bit shorter ;)


My best Friend:)

Sunday I was supposed to go to brunch with a friend but she lagged so dressed up i just sat around and decided to wait for J to wake up so I could surprise him with a visit. Usually when he works the night before I let him have his day to rest but I didn't feel like waiting 4 days to see him. Missed my babe already. Had a mini frozen yogurt date:)

Wednesday was Brett's( Justin's lil bro) 20th bday. We went to Rodrigo's, had delicious food. I was surprised I still managed to stay in my calories for the day:) Except for the cake later lol. I worked out 5xs this week so i figure I'm allowed to cheat:)

Bailey wouldn't leave uncle Justin alone at dinner. So cute!!

I had to have a lil  piece:)

This weekend is Justins long weekend off so ill be spending it with him. Not sure what our plans are yet but Im sure were gonna have a blast!! Hope you all have a graet weekend:)


  1. Your friday dress looks super cute on you..and my wedding dress looks amazing on me lol jk

  2. Jen I may have another postition available here, and its not in accounting. I need an assistant and my boss gave me the approval I dont know if I want to move my receptionist in with me since she knows the business or if I want to hire out so if I do we will need a receptionist and if I dont I will need an assistant so you should call me and we can chat!

  3. #1 Your dress is sooo cute I want it, excpet I can't wear those kinds b/c I've had a baby...airgo saggy chest :( Lol
    #2 holy moly she had a baby recently?!?! She looks amazing in that wedding dress! And its gorgeous!
    #3 lucky duck weekend off together, I feel like i'm on weekend 400 without my man :( Stupid work. Lol
    Hope you have a great weekend XO

  4. Erika ur sooo funny.. I used to have the prettiest,perkiest boobies but not wearing bras for years caught up with they're so saggy! Hoping to get some new ones

  5. Love your dress & your g/f's wedding dress too! She looks so pretty in it! We love Rodrigo's ... fun place! Looks like Justins brothers birthday was a good one! Hope you two enjoy your weekend!